Advancements in technology have resulted in replications or reproductions that are almost impossible to distinguish from the ‘real’ deal.

Concrete is known for being an extremely durable building material, providing superior fire resistance while gaining strength over time. For these reasons, concrete plays an integral part of homes and buildings today.

It is used in contemporary or modern structures and buildings to create a specific aesthetic appeal, however, there are certain challenges when it comes to maintenance, durability and versatility.

The advancement of digitalised production in tile manufacture has taken the tiling industry by storm. As such, virtually anything can be replicated and reproduced onto a porcelain tile. Concrete looking porcelain tiles that emulate natural, screeded floors and highly polished concrete floors are now readily available. These porcelain ‘concrete’ tiles are durable and hard wearing for domestic and commercial applications, are easy to install and almost maintenance free.

Designs of concrete porcelains vary and are inspired by various factors depending on the desired look and feel.

Another look created is that of a true screeded floor. The artwork range is inspired by the old techniques used to create the exquisite decorations in Venetian plaster. These processes, brought back to life with the collaboration of craftsmen who are experts in modern interior finishings, have been copied with a partial twist, to add a new touch to flooring produced with modern resins. The resulting porcelain tile is original and at the same time classic, minimalist and sophisticated. It has the charm of traditional plaster due to the wide spatula strokes and the variations of colour and texture, emphasised by the large tile dimensions.

Porcelain tiles are extremely versatile and their availability in large formats of 800 x 800, 900 x 900 and 600 x 1200 further add to the visual effects of a concrete floor. Production processes are Eco-friendly (using recycled material in the production, as well as reduced factory emissions), which further emphasise that porcelain flooring is the way forward for sustainability and durability.

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