International clay roofing tiles brought to SA

by Tania Wannenburg
International clay roofing tiles brought to SA MARLEY

A new range of international clay roofing tiles is now available locally through Marley Building Systems.

Marley Building Systems has extended its roofing product range with the introduction of Canudo, Portuguese and Advance Premium Marseille clay tiles. This selection of roofing clay tiles comes with an international pedigree that adds a competitive edge to Marley’s roofing offering.

The range boasts a diversity of sophisticated shades, warm tones, elegant contours and classy finishes that, according to Isaac Simelane, architectural and specification manager at Marley Building Systems, will suit a variety of architectural styles and customer preferences. A comprehensive array of complementary fittings and accessories completes the offering.

Roofing a key architectural feature
Simelane points out that Marley Building Systems has been a pioneer of the South African building sector for over 60 years and that the company’s success has been achieved largely through the renowned Marley roofing brand.

“It is this track-record that shows the company’s approach to roofing. Marley Building Systems sees the roof as a key architectural feature, equally deserving of sustained technical innovation and aesthetic development to ensure harmony with evolving contemporary tastes and sensibilities,” he says.

Quality control
“Like all of the company’s products, these clay tiles are subject to rigorous quality control at various stages of production. This process is overseen by highly qualified personnel and is supported by a state-of-the-art laboratory,” Simelane highlights.

“In addition, our local operations, in line with the practice in international sister companies, will continue to seek ways to reduce the amounts of raw materials, water and energy used in the manufacturing and distribution of these tiles. In the process, the company will also be helping its customers to reduce their carbon footprints with eco-friendly products and solutions,” he states.

Building on a legacy
Marley Building Systems is part of the worldwide Etex Group and is a leading provider of roofing and cladding solutions in Southern Africa. The Etex Group is an industrial concern that produces and markets high-quality building materials. With its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, the group currently operates 123 factories and 116 subsidiaries across 44 countries. With Etex’s DNA at its core, Marley Building Systems brings to the market globally proven innovations and sustainability know-how.

Marley Building Systems
Tel: 011 316 2121
Website: www.marleybuidingsystems.co.za

New range of clay roofing tiles:
•    Canudo.
•    Portuguese.
•    Advance Premium Marseille.

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