Interior walls: Solutions that check all the boxes

by Tania Wannenburg
Interior walls solutions

Aluglass Bautech offers a variety of solutions for interior walling that are flexible, soundproof and beautiful.

Using space efficiently and effectively in terms of acoustics and aesthetics is certainly one of the main objectives required from architects and interior designers today, for creating commercial, hospitality, retail and residential interiors alike.

Aluglass Bautech’s range of partitioning systems and interior walling solutions includes lightweight and easy-to-install systems that offer high-quality acoustic treatment and noise reduction attributes coupled with stylish finishes.

GF Serene
The ideal demountable and re-locatable acoustic glass partition system to create quiet spaces within open-plan offices, the GF Serene system is quick and easy to install. With its modular glass elements and flexible frame components it is also simple to remove and reinstall.

Fabricmate absorption panels address key interior environment issues such as acoustical surfaces, privacy, speech intelligibility, sound reverberation, general noise reduction and reducing overall wall maintenance costs. Its track system can custom-fit any space from screen wall to back wall, and can contour to any architectural detail.

Absorption wall and ceiling panels
Reducing unwanted reflections and echoes with noise reduction coefficients (NRCs) ranging from 0,5 to 0,85, absorption panels is a must in auditoria, listening rooms, home theatres and public theatres. Fitted to either walls or ceilings, they come in natural wood veneers with laser cut slots or screen fabrics to match the interior décor.

This brand of mobile acoustic partitions permits flexible room layouts and complete privacy, making it ideal for subdividing meeting rooms or conference venues. With only an overhead track, the floor stays clear and the elements park neatly to one side or into a niche.

Moveo (new, imported)
The Moveo and Moveo Glass ranges of motorised mobile acoustic partition systems harmoniously combine transparent and sound-insulating room concepts with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) per ISO 14025 and EN 15804. These systems make it possible to modify room sizes in offices, hotels and exhibition areas quickly and easily. Accordingly, floor plans become multifunctional and more spatially efficient.

Seves Glass bricks
Seves glass bricks are perfect for creating partition walls that enhance style, colour and natural light. A green option, glass blocks are entirely recyclable and are made from natural raw materials by a low-impact production process where the excess remains of one production cycle are used in the next one. Many combinations with different patterns, shapes, finishes and colours are possible.

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