Interior walling to create great acoustics

by Zuerita
Interior walling to create great acoustics

Noise is a significant consideration in buildings today, as it affects productivity and individual performance levels. We are inundated with distractions in the form of noise, and as such, architects and specifiers turn to products that minimise these factors.

Understanding the relationship between noise and distractions combined with the ability to perform, would have one assume that this would be a top priority when specifying the usage of products that can resolve these issues, and yet, as can be seen clearly to date, these factors are simply ignored or side-stepped as it is often seen as an unnecessary expense, especially when budgets are tight and everyone is looking for further avenues to cut costs even further.

The solution: Cost-effective products

Finding a viable solution to the above scenario is simple; turn to products that are cost effective without jeopardising quality. But this raises the question, which products are affordable and perform to expectation at the same time?

Your best bet, to put it bluntly, is to turn to companies who have been in the industry for several years and have built a solid reputation as excellent service providers with superior product selections for a range of settings.

It has been proven time and again that noise negatively impacts the emotions of its inhabitants, resulting in stress and frustration, with bad acoustics creating a chaotic environment.

Aluglass Bautech has found a solution to these industry challenges through its range of products, namely absorption panels, Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions, Varikust® acoustic doors and GF Serene acoustic glass solutions. They have been specifically designed and manufactured to resolve a range of noise disruptors and ensure an acoustic setting that benefits everyone exposed to it.

People need to be able to connect with these products due to their offerings and the only way to ensure this is to link that with the practicality of Aluglass Bautech products, as highlighted. They will bring harmony with the environment – something sought after by everyone inhabiting a building.

Varikust® is also available as an acoustic glass door and integrates directly into the GF Serene system to complete the overall acoustic performance.
  1. Absorption panels:
    • Reduce unwanted reflections and echoes.
    • Acoustic panels fitted to either walls or ceilings.
    • Selected laser-cut wood veneer or screen fabrics to suit décor.
    • Can be integrated into the Variflex® system.
  2. Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions
    Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions permit flexible room layouts and subdivide classrooms, film studios, meeting venues or conference facilities, only with an overhead track. Two or more areas can be used simultaneously without disrupting each other, or a large area can be created with the individual elements being parked neatly to one side or into a niche. Having an acoustic rating range from 40dB to 52dB Rw (43dB to 55dB STC) and a maximum height over 12m, Aluglass Bautech can assist most design requirements.
  3. Varikust® acoustic doors are multi-rebated doors with an activated sealing mechanism between the bottom of the door leaf and the threshold, effectively stopping noise from getting through the usual gaps around a door. With sound insulation ranging from 35dB to 51dB Rw (38dB to 53dB STC) and a maximum height of 5m and width of 4,8m, specific requirements can be designed and manufactured by Aluglass Bautech.
  4. GF Serene acoustic glass solutions
    The ideal acoustic demountable internal glass partitions system, to create quiet office spaces within open-plan applications. It is quick and easy to install, remove and re-install with modular glass elements and flexible frame components. The system features glazed and unglazed acoustic doors from their Varikust® VK62 range to complement the acoustic performance.

The above complementary products enable office space, training rooms, meeting and boardrooms to become peaceful, quiet and calm areas where people feel content, focused, at ease and productive.

Finally, you can turn your spaces into both acoustic and visual paradises with far less effort. Consult with interior designers and talk to acoustic professionals such as Aluglass Bautech, and never feel forced to choose between good looks and good sound again.

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Main image
Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions at Delta Property Group. Two or more areas can be used simultaneously without disrupting each other, or a large area can be created with the individual elements being parked neatly to one side or into a niche.

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