Interior Trends 2023 was presented at Domotex by interior expert and designer, Holly Becker.

What has changed since 2020 and what drives these trends?

Humans drive the trends. During covid-19 and even afterwards, many things have changed:

  • People stayed at home – a home represents security, peace, well-being, comfort, a place to be and do everything, even more so post-covid-19.
  • Homes became offices.
  • People are socialising less in real life and WhatsApp more. Being on your phones so often affects the interior trends, as you follow trend makers, brands and influencers online.
  • People shop and order online more than ever.
  • People learn and exercise more at home: Online eLearning market is continuously expanding.

Post-pandemic trends reflecting peoples’ personalities

The pandemic has driven people towards trends, homes are functioning more and people want comfort. Now people better recognise and understand a home that reflects their core personality, with their homes being a catalyst.

  • People want sustainable products.
  • They want to buy brands that produce responsibly and use high-quality materials.
  • They want custom and special products for their homes.
  • People are speaking up about their values and what they want.
  • They want to live better, healthier, happier, do better and be better.
  • They want to feel good about their purchases.
  • People need to make better choices as designers, makers and consumers.
  • Don’t buy cheap, buy right.

Core values of manufacturers

Brands let people know what they stand for and what is behind their brand, such as:

  • Functionality and aesthetics.
  • Innovative tradition.
  • In love with design and material-conscious.
  • Act responsibly and sustainably.
  • Attach importance to details.
  • Manufacture with refinement and craftsmanship.
  • Create space for a self-determined generation.
  • Digital and share with friends.
  • Demand diversity and equal rights.
  • Celebrate real life and natural beauty.
  • Designed in Berlin and made in Germany.

Ask questions about the product

  • Where are the products made?
  • Who is making them?
  • Where are materials sourced?
  • Are workers treated fairly?
  • Is there child labour involved?

The four key interiors trends for 2023

  1. New Mediterranean:
    •Escape at home, vacation vibes.
    •Sculptural, organic shapes, curvy, fluid, relaxed.
    •Strong focus on architecture and historical references.
    •Modern, minimalist.
    •Global inspired.
    •Rustic, earthy tones, warm.
    •Natural materials, natural fibres and sensory materials.
    Keywords: Escape, sensory, earthy, organic, neutral, sculptural.
New Mediterranean: Rustic, earthy, relaxed, minimalistic.
  1. Future retro pastels:
    •Pastels and a hint of brightness.
    •Waves, motion.
    •Harmonious shapes.
    •Reflective surfaces.
    •Chrome, metal.
    •Graphic – checkerboard, stripes, bold.
    •Playful, creative.
    •Nostalgic, retro, roller skate and arcade trend.
    Pastel colour of the year: Digital lavender.
Future retro pastels: Creative, playful, retro and nostalgic.
  1. Modern craft:
    •Honest, trustworthy.
    •Innovative materials or clever recycling, upcycling.
    •Moody, warm, cosy.
    •Clean lines.
    •Imperfection, natural, raw.
    •Wabi-sabi elements.
    •Handmade meets technology.
    •Traditional craftsmanship.
    •Artisanal, modern craft.
    •Minimalist Japanese design with sleek lines.
    •Earthy materials paired with classical architecture and vintage pieces, sensory design.
    •Part living space, part gallery space (art and sculpture).
    •Make sustainable choices.
    Keywords: Escape, calm, moody, earthy, organic, sculptural, neutral.
Modern craft: Artisanal, earthy, sustainable, innovative.
  1. Loud and proud:
    •Maximalist, bold colour and pattern.
    •Colour clash.
    •Very artistic and creative.
    •Some DIY, handmade, vintage.
    •Fun shapes, quirky and a little rebellious.
    •Humorous, cheeky, clashing.
    •Statement pieces, wallpaper, art.
    •Style mix.
    •Personal, bespoke and unique.
    •Trend shows confidence and statement-making pieces.
    •No-fear décor.
    •Style mix.
Loud and proud: Handmade, vintage, artistic, mix of styles.

Photos courtesy of Holly Becker.

Full acknowledgement and thanks go to for the information in this editorial.

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