Interior design with a twist

by Zuerita
Interior design with a twist

The result of a partnership between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living is a range of innovative wall coverings inspired by the industrial and metropolitan world.

Experimenting with the distinguishing features of design proposed by the Diesel Living style office, Iris Ceramica developed ceramic collections that represent concrete, glass, metal, cloth, jute, canvas and more.

GRUNGE CONCRETE A hyper-realistic representation of damaged city concrete, this design includes scratches, cracks and scraping, as well as graffiti.


FENCE Mimicking a chain link fence and expanded sheet metal, the colour on colour creates movement.


RIBBED OXIDE Using many hues of colour, including white, grey, bronze and a shadow of red, the worn look of oxidised corrugated sheet metal is created.


SHADES OF BLINDS Using colour on white, a sense of shading is achieved. Elements seem to lower and rise and can wrap around each other.


RIBBED Reminding of the old painted industrial windows of factories, this look creates a suburban metropolitan feel in the home and other interiors.


COMBUSTION CRACKLÉ Cracked and worn, the colours are inspired by burnt wood with the stains of fire, in beige, brown and black.


CAMP With textures transposed from textiles, it references a military style of canvas, sacking and tarpaulin combined with the glossy glazed surface of majolica ware, and the hard surfaces of stone.


INDUSTRIAL GLASS Depicting the typical outdoor glass of industrial windows, these tiles are combined with metals and different textures to form wall panels with the aid of profiles in the same material.


STAGE Structured, corroded, dented and dulled metal – the distinctive embossed finish depicts the anti-slip finishes of stage construction materials and the flight cases used to transport musical instruments.

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