Inspired by decades of iconic design, Interface celebrates its 50th anniversary with the introduction of a new collection: Past Forward.  

 The 14 new products in the Past Forward Collection draw on iconic trends from the last five decades, from vintage to retro. Each design marries throwback details with modern thinking to create a collection that feels nostalgic yet delivers the performance of modular carpet tile.  

Cheshire Street features ornate small floral motifs, inspired by the 20th-century interpretations of Art.


Constructed for the future 

 Past Forward features a bold colour palette and offers a range of dynamic carpet styles, including ornate rococo and renaissance visuals, retro patterns with scribbles and boxes, vintage-inspired patchwork styles and traditional Turkish motifs. 

 The collection is perfect for a time when designers are looking to evoke a sense of nostalgia without sacrificing modern innovations. It’s also a fitting celebration for Interface’s 50th anniversary and a good opportunity to look back at its rich history. 



Interface celebrates 50 years of creating responsible, durable and beautiful carpets with a brand-new collection that encapsulates everything the brand stands for.  

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