Interesting ventilated facade for Spanish bank HQ

by Tania Wannenburg

Dekton® Cosentino, in various colours, was specified for exterior and interior cladding at the new Cajamar headquarters in Almeria.

Dekton®, in the colour Sirocco, was specified for the multifaceted facade of the new Cajamar headquarters in Almeria. The material was selected for its uniform shade, little veining, and because it is a colour that does not aspire to imitate any other type of stone or existing material.  

The elegant grey limestone of the Sirocco and its texture afford the 2 000m² ventilated Dekton® facade a completely natural look. Together with a large white volume of GRC photocatalytic panels and a curtain wall protected by ceramic slats, it makes for an interesting architectural facade and decorative feature.

Apart from creating a uniform design, Dekton® has a high resistance to ultraviolet rays, frost and thawing, great colour stability and high stain resistance, making it ideal for exterior cladding.

The fact that it is easy to assemble, due to the precision of the material that incorporates a structure for its support, is another plus. There is a very good union between the CAT1 Wandegar system, used for the support, and the Dekton® slabs.

Uniformity in design
To ensure an aesthetic continuity in the building design, the exterior and interior flooring as well as the staircases were done in Dekton®, colour Danae. This light colour with a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 78 helps to prevent a heat island effect.

Interior cladding
The bathrooms on the ground floor were cladded in Dekton®, in the colour Kadum. Thanks to the material’s excellent resistance to hydrolysis, it does not alter, either in composition or aesthetics if it is in contact with liquid for extended periods of time. This ensures the durability of the material, as well as easy daily maintenance, which makes it a perfect choice for areas exposed to moisture.

Aesthetically, the Kadum tone and its industrial appearance give the space a unique colour, it is both timeless and sophisticated, and fills the interior with beauty and perfection.

The building has received a LEED gold certification from the United States Green Building Council, as well as an A energy rating awarded by the Andalusian Energy Agency. Measured by the Guide to Sustainability of the technological park, the Cajamar headquarters meet 98 of the 100 sustainability parameters and is rated “excellent”.

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Dekton® by Cosentino certifications:
–    European Technical Assesment (ETA) 14/0413 and CE marking: It can be incorporated onto facades by different types of concealed stainless steel or aluminium fixings.
–    Gold Greenguard certification: It does not emit anyVOCs.
–    NSF/ANSI 51 standard: Passed toxicological evaluations of all product ingredients annually in all manufacturing sites.
–    ISO 14001.

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