Intelligent waterproofing improves sustainability of roofing

by Darren
Intelligent waterproofing improves sustainability of roofing DERBIT

DERBIT® South Africa brings innovative, highly durable and environmentally friendly waterproofing solutions to the local market.

With a mission to make buildings smarter and use resources and energy sparingly, DERBIT® offers a complete waterproofing solution that is both sustainable and low maintenance.

The DERBIT® multifunctional membrane can be used on flat surfaces, up-stands, flashings, drains, parapet walls, reinforcement angles and more. It is also fit for any kind of building structure, be it to waterproof concrete, wood or steel, for reroofing or below-ground waterproofing. Perfect for unprotected roofs, there is no need for gravel ballast or extra protection.

Innovative and durable
Thanks to its dual reinforcement, which comprises a fibreglass mat that ensures perfect dimensional stability and a spun bond non-woven polyester component that provides resistance to impact and tearing, the membrane is highly durable.

This one-layer system is also fire-retardant, ultraviolet- (UV) and heat-resistant, and can handle jobsite traffic and thermal shock. Proven to last for 30 years, with expected lifespans of 40 years and more, DERBIT® is a long-term solution.

Ecological benefit
DERBIT® South Africa is the local presence of the Belgian company IMPERBEL, an international waterproofing producer and a pioneer in terms of energy-saving products and recycling. The company has been awarded the prestigious EMAS by the European Commission for its innovative ability and exceptional energy and environmental management.

All membranes are 100% recyclable and old bituminous roofing materials are made into new resources that are used for the production of environmentally friendly roofing membranes. IMPERBEL currently recycles about 4 000 tons of roofing material each year.

Strict energy audits during the production process, the use of recycled materials (without loss of quality) and a lifecycle analysis ensure that DERBIT® membranes are made with respect for the environment.

Specific ecological solutions include:
•    DERBIPURE®, a vegetal roof covering not containing any bitumen.
•    DERBICOLOR® FR Olivine, for roofs to absorb CO2.
•    DERBIBRITE® NT, which has a highly reflective coating that acts as a passive cooler.

The finest bitumen and the noblest polymers give the products their impeccable quality. These are continuously checked during the production process and independently certified.

DERBIT® membranes are simple to install and easy to maintain and repair. They can be torched on, cold-adhered with a solvent-free bituminous adhesive, loosely laid or mechanically fixed. DERBIT® has an extended network of professional roofers and provides on-the-job training when necessary. Inspections are also done on request.

Waterproofing roofs since 1932 and with a worldwide presence today, the DERBIT® membranes are effective in any climate, from the Nordic cold to the driest desert. Continuous investment in research and development further ensures quality products that carry a gold ten-year full product warranty.

Tel: 0860 DERBIT
Website: www.derbit.co.za

Key characteristics of DERBIT® membranes:
•    Proven durability of more than 30 years.
•    One-layer system with a dual performance.
•    High-grade APP polymers.
•    Fire-retardant (Broof t2).
•    100% recyclable.
•    Gold ten-year full product warranty.

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