Intelligent thermostats predict habitual behaviour

by Darren
Warmup Jnl 7 15

Enjoying a snug and cosy atmosphere should not be considered an unaffordable luxury.

Finding the most efficient heating method is crucial from both an energy-saving and installation-cost point of view. Fortunately, when the one problem is solved so is the other. Warmup has long recognised that warming homes and offices is not ‘’business as usual’’, but requires going that extra mile to ensure one’s clients continue enjoying the comfort of Warmup’s radiant floor heating.

Warmup’s introduction of the Marmox insulation board has proved a huge success in meeting the challenges South Africans face with rising electricity costs and the need to conserve energy. By creating a thermal barrier, Marmox is able to reduce the downward heat loss by as much as 50%, while also limiting rising damp and cold. Marmox insulation boards ensure the required comfort levels are reached in as little as 30 minutes, compared to the three hours of older conventional systems, and thus the varied weather patterns in South Africa are easily accommodated. It is no longer necessary to run a heating system for long periods when not required.

Warmup’s intelligent thermostats have also proved to be a cost-effective method of regulating comfort levels in the home. Not only do they reduce overall usage dramatically, but they ensure that the heating system is working only when needed, and where needed. These intelligent thermostats are able to learn individual habits and adapt themselves accordingly, even to the extent of learning when to turn on and off in different weather patterns, all without any human intervention. This adds a never-before-experienced level of comfort, cost saving and convenience. These thermostats can be installed with a new installation or can be used to replace an older heating system, converting it into a more affordable one.

To achieve the ultimate heating solution that will provide maximum comfort at minimum cost, Warmup recommends a combination of the Marmox insulation boards and the intelligent, programmable, energy-control thermostats. Such a combination can save the homeowner up to 75% over old conventional underfloor heating.

“Enjoying a snug and cosy atmosphere should not be considered an unaffordable luxury”, says Warmup’s Sales Manager. “All it requires is a little attention to detail and utilising the correct materials and technology available to us. Radiant floor heating remains the best choice for heating our South African habitable spaces. It provides an even temperature, giving a ‘sole-pleasing’ sensation to bare feet, even in the coldest weather.”

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