Intelligent technology in floor heating

by Tania Wannenburg
Warmup Jnl 6 15

Incorporating innovative technology with regard to intelligent programmable thermostats and radiant floor heating systems.

In order to address the ongoing challenges faced by South Africans in finding the most suitable and cost-efficient manner of warming their homes, offices and factories, Warmup continues to provide some of the latest technological advancements in insulation and intelligent thermostat controllers and radiant floor heating systems. This results in attractive and aesthetically appealing methods of warming a specific space.

Warmup’s concept of “out of sight, out of mind” has reached new levels thanks to their advanced intelligent programmable thermostats that are manufactured in Denmark. The company also offers technologically advanced and energy-efficient ranges of thermostats which eliminate waste and reduce the overall power consumption of heating by as much as 50%.

These products ensure a new dimension in indoor climate control by taking advantage of the “thermal mass” principle whereby the heated portion of the floor continues to radiate residual heat even after the heating elements have been switched off. This preserves the floor surface temperature while room temperatures are maintained within very small tolerances of the ideal comfort level required, using minimal amounts of energy.

Their range of thermostats – catering for all types of floors, from plush carpets to marble tiles – incorporates all the innovative functionalities to ensure the heating system can be customised to a level that best suits individual needs. The thermostats are easy to install, with intuitive menus that guide one through all the settings to provide the ultimate level of comfort and efficiency required by the discerning homeowner.

They are supplied with standard settings and can be incorporated in the most popular brands of switchgear, and are available in a variety of attractive and modern faceplates. All thermostats are supplied with a three-year guarantee and have in-built batteries that carry a ten-year charge, ensuring that their settings are not lost during power outages. Child locks also prevent any tampering. Furthermore, Warmup’s thermostats can be programmed to provide the homeowner with precise running costs, enabling him to take control of expenditure.

When an intelligent thermostat is combined with Warmup’s unique Marmox insulation board, the expense of heating any floor surface is reduced to an absolute minimum and comfort levels are customised to suit individual needs.

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