Intelligent building operations increase green potential

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Intelligent building operations increase green potential

Schneider Electric’s innovative building management, power management systems and small building control products provide a strong foundation for intelligent buildings, which inspire occupant productivity and deliver optimal energy and operational efficiency.
Building facts
•    42% of the world’s energy is used in buildings.
•    50% of energy used in buildings is wasted because of inefficient building management systems.
•    In developed economies, at least half of the buildings expected to be in use in 2050 have already been built.
•    Only 25% of building costs are associated with capital expenses, while 75% of costs are used to operate a building over its life cycle.
•    Only 20% of facility managers use 80% of the available capabilities in their building management systems.
•    30% of energy used in buildings is waste.

‘Green building incorporates design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of development on the environment and people. Green buildings are energy efficient, resource efficient and environmentally responsible’ – Green Building Council South Africa.

Smart building systems enhance people’s safety and comfort, use energy more efficiently, and improve reliability, business performance and operational efficiency.

A building is called “green building” if it is designed and constructed in an environmentally responsible manner and runs in an energy efficient way, throughout its entire life cycle. This includes the construction, building materials, processes, renovation and most importantly the operations and maintenance of the building. The main strategies to make an existing building as green include, reduced energy consumption, water conservation, recycling waste, conserving natural resources and providing healthier spaces for occupants.

Green building strategies are evolving rapidly, as people, processes and technology combine to drive innovation and create a truly sustainable future. It’s worth stressing again that ongoing monitoring, analysis and improvements drive sustained performance. Green building pays for itself and its lower energy use increases its competitive edge.

With our energy demand outgrowing current production, Schneider Electric focuses on the aspect of reducing energy consumption.

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Operation is building management software that delivers the right information when, where and how you want it. Operations are simplified with drag-and-drop trending, calendar-like schedules and one-click reporting. Native open protocols provide the freedom to choose the best equipment for your application. With EcoStruxure Building Operation, see up to 30% energy savings, while creating a healthy, sustainable environment.

New modular meter
Schneider Electric has released a new accurate and modular meter for energy cost management applications – the EasyLogic PM2000 series. These meters are designed to provide all the essential electrical system measurements needed by commercial building managers, requiring energy cost management applications from their meters.

“Our customers, especially those that are sub-billing or allocating costs, are looking for accurate metering, more power quality information and how to understand problem areas in order to fix them quickly,” says Nathan Potgieter, offer marketing specialist, EcoBuilding, of Schneider Electric South Africa.

“They also want data accuracy from their meters, so they can better understand the power served to customers in their facilities. We designed the PM2000 series to meet these specific needs,” he concludes.

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