Insulation that offers high acoustic, thermal and load-bearing properties

by Tania Wannenburg
Insulation that offers high

Flooring insulation needs to withstand point loads as well as carry sufficient insulation properties. Insulite explains how to achieve this goal.


Besides the energy-saving benefits of proper insulation in buildings, there are also other benefits (such as achieving sustainable building standards as well as acoustic advantages). A challenge that many construction professionals face when specifying insulation is the fact that it needs to be able to withstand point loads, as well as carry sufficient insulation properties.

In order to address this problem, one must first define what insulation/thermal conductivity actually is. Thermal conductance of a material is measured as (W/m²K). In essence, the U-value addresses the ability of a material to conduct heat, while the R-value (m².K/W) measures the ability to resist heat flow. The higher the U-value number, the greater the amount of heat is that can pass through a certain material. A lower value would hence mean a better insulator (SANS 204:2011). The following values of different materials put it into perspective:

Material/substance    U-value conductance in (W/m²K)                Insulation property
True vacuum               0                                                                         Best
Cotton wool                 0,029                                                                 Very good
INSULiTe® flooring  
insulation system      0,13                                                                   Good
Soft timber                   0,14                                                                   Good
Concrete                      1,8                                                                      Not good
Copper                         400                                                                    Worst
Source: www.engineeringtoolbox.com

iTe Products offers a one-stop shop for flooring insulation solutions that need to achieve high thermal comfort levels, while simultaneously offering the load-bearing performance benefits that are expected of durable flooring materials. The system consists of different materials making up an insulation sandwich that has very good load-bearing characteristics together with an insulation property to that of soft timber.

iTe Products’ new insulation product, INSULiTe®, consists of closed hollow glass beads that make up the bulk of the 50mm-thick insulation screed. The glass beads are held together with a combination of a high-strength polymer modified cement and as a topping iTe’s F30 LeveliTe self-levelling floor screed. This is used to penetrate the top 10mm into the sandwich. The topping of 25Mpa is used to distribute point loads that are placed onto the floor. Any floor covering can then be applied over the self-levelling floor screed to achieve the desired aesthetic appeal together with having a solid feeling floor.

INSULiTe® is perfect for applications where under-floor heating needs to be installed due to the fact that only the top 10mm of the self-levelling floor screed will be heated by the under-floor heating application (the excess heat that is generated will be radiated into the room). This improves the heating process dramatically opposed to conventional methods, where a huge amount of heat is lost into the concrete surface bed and ultimately into the sub-base of the concrete.

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