thermal control

Most of the heat gained and lost is from a home’s roof space, but Isover insulation provides more benefits than just thermal comfort. Aerolite® Soft Touch delivers a balanced thermal environment that provides acoustic, energy-saving and fire-resistant properties. 

thermal comfort

Thermal regulation 

Aerolite® Soft Touch reduces heat flow out of your home in winter and into your home in summer by up to 30%. Therefore, reducing the need for heaters and other energy/gasreliant heating sources, lowering energy consumption and reducing electricity expenses. 

Acoustic benefits 

Aerolite® helps reduce noise transmission from the external environment into your home, creating a more peaceful and comfortable interior. It can also be used to control noise within the house by absorbing sound and reducing the reverberation time, allowing for the enjoyment of the full benefits of surround-sound systems. 

Energy efficiency 

thermal comfort

Ceiling insulation regulates the indoor temperature of a home, keeping loved ones in a comfortable and safe living environment.

It is essential that homeowners, builders and contractors are aware of the implications of the national building regulation (SANS 10400-XA Ed. 2), which focusses on energy efficiency.  

Implementing fire safety measures within buildings is governed by regulations in South Africa. Aerolite® is non-combustible, which means it does not burn when exposed to fire and will not spread flames, emit smoke or spontaneously combust. Adding to its thermal and acoustic properties, effective insulation literally adds a layer of safety to your home. 

Aerolite® Soft Touch ceiling insulation regulates the indoor temperature of a home, keeping loved ones in a comfortable and safe living environment. 

Top tip: Insulation delivers thermal, acoustic, energy-saving and fire-resistant properties for a balanced environment. 

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thermal comfort




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