Insulation Supplier: Nutape

As a wholesaler with a focus on industry expertise and customer-based solutions, Nutape is proud to be a reliable supplier of commercial quantities of insulation. Driven to be a supplier of choice, the company combines expertise and quality products to deliver customer specific solutions.

Quality and expertise

With a commitment to quality and expertise, Nutape has earned the trust of prominent companies within the construction industry. It supplies purpose-designed and tested products to high-profile projects around the country.

Insulation case study

A prominent government building required an insulation solution for the facade panels. Nutape’s solution was a rockwool insulation with aluminium foil facing, which securely taped to the facade panels.

The rockwool, also known as mineral wool insulation, is a type of insulation made from natural rock materials, such as basalt and diabase, and recycled slag. With a melting point of roughly 1000 degrees Celsius, it also serves as an excellent fire-resistant insulator for the project.

The foil facing, taped to the aluminium frame with foil scrim tape, creates a vapour and radiant barrier, further sealing and insulating the panels.

Nutape strives to deliver quality service to its customers, across all sizes of commercial projects, from small bespoke solutions to quality insulation in bulk.

Spanning across a vast array of industries including healthcare, food, construction and many more, Nutape provides solution-driven products.

 For more information, contact Nutape:

Tel: +27 11 422 1538



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