Insulating and fireproof plaster and screed

by Darren
Energy efficient Plaster screed Pratley

Produced by Pratley, Pratliperl is an ultra-lightweight, thermally insulating and fireproof cement aggregate, that’s ideal for producing cement plasters and concrete for energy-efficient buildings.

When mixed with cement, just two 16mm layers of plastered Pratliperl gives the same thermal insulation as a 220mm thick, double brick wall. In its loose state, Pratliperl has a conductivity (K) value of 0,05W/m.K. That’s 20 times more than ordinary plaster sand!

Its exceptional insulation properties are owing to the unique volcanic raw material that it is made of. Crushed to sugar grain size that expands into a multitude of well-sealed lightweight glass beads when passed through a special furnace, the result is millions of tough glass beads each enclosing a partial vacuum.

With a refractory melting temperature of 1 250°C, these tiny “vacuum flasks” have unrivalled insulating and exceptional fire resistance properties. Pratliperl is also inorganic and therefore releases no smoke or toxic fumes during a fire. Additionally, it exhibits no tendency to spall under fire conditions.

Unlike conventional Perlite material, Pratilperl is ideal for mixing with cement and other binders, making it a unique 21st-century building material for energy-efficient buildings. Its insulation ability, ease of use and fireproofing properties make it easy for architects and contractors to comply with strict building regulations.

Pratliperl concrete is ultra-lightweight with practical concrete densities ranging from 300kg/m³ to 800kg/m³, depending on the mix ratios.

Applications include; thermally insulated wall plasters, lightweight and thermally insulated screeds, lightweight floors on high-rise buildings, thermally insulated roof decks, fire seals and fire barrier walls, pizza oven liners and many more.

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