Insulate for comfort

by Zuerita
Insulate for comfort

Building methodologies have changed radically in the last 50 years, and with the growing demand for energy efficiency as well as rising costs, insulation has become an important consideration in construction.  
SANS10400-XA prescribes that all new buildings must have a certain level of insulation in their roofs to meet specific performance requirements based on climatic zones.

This means that homes and offices can be comfortable, without using more electricity notes Isover’s Karlien Delport. “Isover’s world-class thermal and acoustic insulation solutions support the design of energy-efficient construction, which provides comfort for users, while protecting the environment,” she says.

Saint-Gobain Isover manufactures insulation materials from glass wool, mineral wool and expanded polystyrene.

“Glass wool is considered to be one of the most effective and environmentally-friendly insulation products to use as it is inherently non-combustible, and meets the requirements for optimal thermal and acoustic insulation performance. It holds a fire rating of A/A1/1, does not contribute to flame spread and can be used in any class of building occupancy,” Delport explains.

Isover manufactures products for:
•    Cavity wall and dry wall insulation.
•    HVAC and air-conditioning system insulations.
•    Pipe insulation.
•    Over-purlin roof insulation in commercial buildings.
•    Suspended ceilings.
•    Industrial roof insulation.
•    Higher temperature insulations.
•    Top-up roof insulation.
•    High-performance soundproofing.

Isover is a division of Saint-Gobain Construction Products. As one of the top 100 industrial groups in the world, Saint-Gobain continues to deploy its technological know-how, often in partnership with prestigious universities and laboratories. A total of 20% of Saint-Gobain’s products did not exist five years ago.

Tel: 0860 476 837
Website: www.isover.co.za

Saint-Gobain Isover manufactures high-performance insulation products for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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