Colour matching with accuracy can be daunting for both consumers and professionals.

As the trusted professionals, for Dulux, it is imperative to ensure accuracy and precise colour selection when advising clients. The introduction of the Dulux Trade Colour Sensor – an innovative colour tool that provides accurate colour matches on demand and seamlessly integrates with the new free Dulux Trade Expert App (available on IOS and Android) – makes colour matching a breeze. A must have solution for architects, designers, decorators, experienced painters and other colour professionals.

Dulux Trade Colour Sensor tackles the most bespoke colour quests

This time saving, cutting-edge device takes on challenging tasks. Whether the task is to identify an existing wall colour, to colour matching an item from a cutting in a magazine, right through to picking up on themes in a client’s brand logo, the app will instantly deliver the closest Dulux Trade paint colour.

Technologically advanced and enabling a virtual colour display with innovative augmented reality, the Colour Sensor is easy to use. Simply place the Dulux Trade Colour Sensor flat on any solid surface (with the best results noted on flat surfaces), scan a colour and get a Dulux Trade colour match in seconds.

The perfect match for professionals, the Colour Sensor is applicable for use in commercial spaces, from hotels to offices, hospitals, care homes, universities and schools.

In short, the Dulux Trade Colour Sensor provides reassurance to professionals and gives clients the confidence to select the colour of their choice with ease. Whatever your colour inspiration is – the Dulux Trade Colour Sensor gives you a Dulux Trade paint colour in seconds.

The Dulux Trade Expert App is an on-the-go, easy to use app that enables professionals to:
• Select the right products
• Choose the right colour
• Visualize the colour on the wall
• Calculate the amount of paint required
• Create projects and locate stores all in one app.

The Dulux Trade Expert app is the tool that professionals need on site!

Download the Dulux Trade Expert App today!

For more information, contact Dulux:
Tel: +27 860 330 112 / +27 11 861 1000

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