Several new inspiring carpet offerings for the modern workplace

by Ofentse Sefolo
Several new inspiring carpet offerings for the modern workplace

The digitally-focused and fast-paced world in which we live has led many people to strive for simplicity and authenticity in their surroundings and in the products they choose. Tarkett Desso*, brought to South Africa by FloorworX, has launched their Essentials collection that reflects the different styles of the modern workplace.

The Essentials Collection consists of five products: Jeans, Ridge, Traverse, Edges and Iconic, with Iconic being launched by the end of the year.

Jeans is a new carpet tile that brings depth of character in contemporary inky hues. Jeans reflects the changing workplace with flatter organisational structures and new ways of working and collaborating. The product features six denim-inspired shades in three different structures to zone or create large spaces through subtle patterns and different textures.

The soft, subtle grooves of Ridge replicate the natural erosion of elements in a changing environment. The organic, irregular design of the carpet tile adds an understated touch to any space and is the perfect backdrop for large communal spaces in the business environment. There are 12 shades to choose from: four warm neutrals, four cool neutrals, as well as blue, green, pink and red for statement flooring or to make a striking contrast. Ridge has a silver Cradle to Cradle* certification, making it an environmentally sound choice.

Inspired by iconic modernism, the Traverse range features simple diagonal lines that are created by slight differences in dye hues and slight ridges in the yarn construction. The pattern changes depending where you are in a room and where the light source is coming from, with the subtle but dynamic effect changing as you move around the space. A designer can experiment with rhythms and zones by playing with the directions of the carpet tile, which is available in plank format.

Edges is inspired by time-honoured fabric patterns and it echoes the warp and weft feel of textile, deliberately emphasising the slight irregularity of a hand woven product. The range offers a choice of bold and delicate structures, which enables designers to combine broad brushstrokes with finer detail. There are two options in this range, namely Edge Small and Edge Large, and both are available in six colours. Edges Small echoes the warp and weft feel of textile, emphasising the slight irregularities, while Edges Large is bolder and more outspoken, reflecting the strong diagonal resonance of a traditional twill weave and its easily recognisable pattern of diagonal parallel ribs.

Hidden depths are prevalent in the Iconic range thanks to a unique tufting technique that involves bringing two contrasting hues together to deliver subtle, inspirational undertones. Inspired by woven textiles, an all-over colour is interjected by concealed lines which reveal themselves as you walk through the space. There are 24 striking tones and neutral shades to choose from in this range.

For more information on the Tarkett Desso Carpet Collections, contact Nicky Pringle on +27 (82) 926 5156 or npringle@floorworx.co.za.

*Desso and Cradle to Cradle are registered trademarks

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