Inspired to lead

by Darren
Inspired to lead


A passionate woman who demonstrates the unique traits to achieve success in the flooring industry.

Boasting a 29-year reputation in the industry, Amanda Geyer, owner of Supa Nu Market Flooring and Décor and co-owner of AmaRani Flooring and Décor (also trading as Top Carpets Craighall), plays an active role in the running of both these corporations, focusing primarily on the Sales and Marketing aspect.

“Historically, women stayed at home and were the homemakers, but life quickly changed for women and that inherent flair for decorating has stuck with most of them,” explains Amanda. “Flooring is the foundation of all interior décor, be it corporate or commercial. Having a vision of the final picture, an awareness of practicality (cleaning and maintenance) and a sense of beauty in living can assist the buyer to make a well-considered choice. Personally, I have never sold anything to anyone that I wouldn’t want or consider for myself under similar circumstances.”

Very often, when people make choices that are not suitable for their long-term expectation, Amanda will use facts and experience to guide the process and allow the person to make informed decisions. “I have also learnt to step away from installations where poor and unreliable products were used, as my longstanding reputation in the industry is worth so much more than one or two deals,” she says.

According to Amanda, the flooring industry has kept her grounded and, being raised as a builder’s daughter, she has developed a strong, assertive personality and enjoys new creations. “For a creative mind, the flooring industry distinguishes itself in high regard,” she continues. “One is there when plans are drawn and when the building is ready to hand over. It is a fantastic achievement to be part of something from beginning to end. Women of this century deal with business challenges and conflict in a new and non-confrontational manner. We are professional, stand our ground, and don’t need to take a step back for anyone.”

Amanda finds great satisfaction in often being the only woman on a building site. “I know the products, I understand the business and am often the co-ordinator of many projects myself,” she concludes. “This increases business in the long run as the contractors know that they have a level-headed person who will take any challenge in her stride – and a real woman never gives up!” “Furthermore, the flooring industry provides the ideal platform to shine your womanly-self, affording them the opportunity to make a difference and celebrate their independence and strengths.”

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