Main image: Inspirational bamboo flooring

Many of today’s most popular floor trends are leaning toward being eco-friendly, scratch and stain resistant, easy to install, easy to clean, budget-friendly and durable.

Lavish laminate

Modern laminate offers a huge variety of looks, including their stunning wood-look styles which can be installed almost anywhere. Colours and textures galore, with exceptional durability and performance, makes it the ideal flooring option.

Here we take a look at some inspirational looks you can use for your next project.

  • Country-style, farmhouse look. Made with new materials such as wide, rough-hewn planks with authentic knots and saw marks.
  • Weathered coastal charm with a laid-back trend creating lots of character. The laminate wood look appears to be weathered and aged, ideal for holiday homes or country homesteads.
  • Welcoming laminate duplicating beauty and warmth with its natural wood collection.
  • Homey laminate to make you feel right at home with its characteristic elements.
  • Dark and detailed multi-width plank collection with high detailed textured wood providing magnificent visual colour options.
  • Natural with a bit of flair to add to the décor in the used space.
Gold Coast Burleigh Taupe
  • Earthy brown laminate with a natural touch surface allowing a rich dark brown floor with a natural, wood look finish.
Earthy brown – Kaindl V-Groove Georgia
  • Sleek and stylish comes to mind with this Pergo Big Slab laminate flooring, available in 6 modern colours.
Pergo Big Slab

Inspirational laminate ideas from McCool’s Flooring

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