The 4th annual conference hosted by the Association for South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) took place in August at Gallagher Estate. The conference set out a determined tone for the profession as it moves into an era that will see Quantity Surveyors work closer than ever with technology.

Well-known entrepreneur, Lynette Ntuli, warned that in order for quantity surveyors to make the most of this upswing, they could no longer play to the same rules of tradition, formality and risk as in the past. “The only way you can occupy your space in the new is if you shed a lot of the old. We are building the world with and for those that might not conform to our way of doing things,” said Lynette.

In her presentation, Dr Calayde Davey highlighted a few of these factors on lean construction, a method that can achieve better results by doing differently, without additional resources. Calayde advised the audience to not just finish tasks but to focus on finding and eliminating waste towards continuous improvement.

Dr Andrew Brough, an organisational development practitioner, echoed Lynette’s sentiments. “To find those solutions that are not yet defined we have to do what we do differently. There are factors in your industry that could be eliminated, reduced, raised or created,” said Andrew.

As part of its efforts to support QSs in a changing world, the ASAQS partnered with Building Information Modeling (BIM) to host the first ever 5D Estimating Competition. Vaughan Harris, CEO of the BIM Institute challenged the audience to “use technology now available to make yourself even more indispensable by gaining and giving more accurate information a lot faster in the project process.”

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