A new, invisible adhesive has been introduced to the industry along with another new product from the same company, which is ideal for smaller applications.

Described as a professional fixing solution, Sika MaxTack* is now available for small applications. To meet customer needs even further, Sika has extended the packaging range of their high-performance Sika MaxTack fixing solution from the initial 280ml cartridge to the brand-new 100g MiniUP sausage tube.

The newly packaged MiniUP is ideal for small, everyday repair jobs. It doesn’t require an application tool such as a gun or spatula – the nozzle can just be cut to the desired size and the fixing solution applied directly, which also means that no material is wasted.

According to Sika, the 100g Sika MaxTack sausage tube will always be handy and convenient as it eliminates the need for nails and screws. In addition, it can be used for all decorating, assembly or repair jobs both indoors and outdoors.

Another Sika product, namely Sika MaxTack Invisible, has also been launched into the SA market. Sika MaxTack is already available as a white adhesive, and now Sika MaxTack Invisible is available for all those applications that need to look refined, without the adhesive being visually identifiable. Within 24 hours after application, Sika MaxTack becomes transparent and leaves behind a fast, strong and invisible bond.

Sika MaxTack Invisible is considered an excellent adhesive for clean applications as it eliminates spots and unpleasant traces of the product. In addition, it is solvent-free, has low emissions and no odour – all sought-after qualities for an adhesive used in interior spaces.

*Sika MaxTack is a registered trademark