Innovative silane-terminated coating for the impregnation of cementitious floorings

by Ofentse Sefolo
Innovative silane-terminated coating for the impregnation of cementitious floorings

Today, many modern buildings utilise concrete or flowing-screed floors without any top-layers. These types of flooring have a special aesthetic appeal through their smooth and seamless surfaces, yet they are prone to stains.

Specialized Floor Coatings offers 1K SF Silane Hybrid Floor Sealer to address this dilemma. The product is a new binder for both ready-to-use impregnating agents and thin coatings for cement bound floors. It provides excellent stain protection superior to conventional impregnating agents and has a colour intensifying effect. 1K SF Silane Floor Sealer is a one component, solvent free clear flooring system applied directly to mineral floor surfaces or on top of epoxies to improve mechanical and stain resistance.

Some of the benefits of the 1k formulation include its ability to penetrate deeply into cementitious floorings, that it is easy to apply, transparent and polishable. It is also solvent-free, colour enhancing, incombustible and resistant to stains and scratches.

An innovative binder on the Patented Technology 1K SF Silane Hybrid Floor Sealer cures on contact with moisture and its chemical structure has been optimised to achieve low viscosity. As a result, the binder penetrates deep into the pores of a cement-bound floor, filling the pores completely, forming a thin, shiny film on the surface.

After the binder has cured, everyday substances containing water or oil are unable to enter the pores. The coating therefore offers highly effective stain protection. Even substances that are left on the surface for some time can be removed without any lasting stains.

1K SF Silane Hybrid Floor Sealer is quickly gaining popularity amongst designers and specifiers who are looking for high impact, aesthetically pleasing concrete floors. It can be used in parking garages, car repair shops, train stations, logistic centres, showrooms, restaurants, convention centres, warehouses and food production facilities.

For more information, contact Specialized Floor Coatings on 0861 372 468 or via www.speccoats.co.za.

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