Lafarge SA is associated with reliable, quality solutions for building material needs.


Customers in the local construction industry, whether contractors, architects, developers or retailers, associate the Lafarge name with reliable, quality solutions for their building material needs. Lafarge South Africa’s key ingredients for success in today’s highly competitive market include being able to offer the widest range of designed-for-purpose products and delivering a genuine customer-focused service.

The international Lafarge Group is a world leader in building materials and it is represented in 62 countries around the globe. Lafarge South Africa has a strong position in all its local businesses of cement, aggregates, readymix concrete and gypsum plasterboard. In line with the group’s brand baseline of Building better cities, the company’s ambition is to contribute solutions for constructing better cities that are more durable, more beautiful and help to sustain a healthy prosperous society for all our people.

Some of the products that illustrate the market-leading spread of solutions available from Lafarge South Africa include:

Readymix concrete solutions
The Lafarge Artevia™ range is Lafarge’s high-quality range of decorative concrete. Offering a wide choice of colours, textures and patterns in durable, minimal maintenance concrete, Artevia™ imparts originality to the inside and outside of homes, and the means to express the homeowner’s personality.

Artevia™ Polish is the solution for achieving silky smooth, marble-like finishes. Artevia™ Colour with its integral pigments is a durable structural concrete to beautify high-traffic areas. The appeal of natural stone textures is provided with Artevia™ Stone, while the exposed aggregates in Artevia™ Exposed make an attractive, non-slip driveway.

Self-compacting concretes
One of Lafarge’s groundbreaking products, Agilia®, is a self-compacting concrete designed to flow under its own weight without the need for vibration. The product’s exceptional fluidity enables it to fill all corners and areas in formwork or moulds effortlessly, and produces excellent architectural finishes.

Permeable concrete innovations
Lafarge’s Hydromedia™ permeable concrete demonstrates that practicality can go hand in hand with beauty. Hydromedia™ is an innovative porous concrete that provides rapid drainage of stormwater for a wide variety of uses such as driveways, pathways and swimming pool surrounds. The strength and light weight of Hydromedia™ also make it an ideal solution for concrete “green” roof systems.

Cement solutions
Lafarge South Africa was the first local cement manufacturer to offer a complete range of extended, more environmentally-friendly cements throughout all strength classes. Whatever the size or technical challenges of a project, the company is able to provide a suitable product solution with experienced technical back-up.

Affordable, sustainable solutions
The general-purpose Lafarge South Africa CEM IV cements, Buildcrete 42,5N and DuraBuild 32,5N, have more than 40% clinker replacement using the company’s innovative fly-ash extension formulation. Durabuild is designed for mortar, plaster and light concrete work, with the emphasis on affordability. The Buildcrete name is long-established in the local construction industry as the premium quality general-purpose cement. The high performance and early strength gain of Buildcrete enable builders to standardise on its use for a wide range of applications.

Premium technical extended cement
Powercrete Plus CEM II 42,5R, a premium technical extended cement, is widely used in the readymix and construction sectors. The special formulation of Powercrete Plus gives it the capability of being extended further on site with additional fly-ash or slag, to meet different concrete design requirements for strength, durability and workability.

Aggregate solutions
Lafarge South Africa operates 20 quarries strategically located throughout the country to service all sectors of the local construction industry. Its quarry materials fall broadly into three categories: road materials, concrete materials and specialised materials. Specialty products and services include quality testing and bagged premixed products such as Builders’ blend concrete mix and specially graded stone sizes made on demand.

Plasterboard and interior fitting solutions
Lafarge Gypsum manufactures and markets innovative gypsum-based building solutions and related systems for constructing, finishing or decorating interior walls and ceilings in residential, commercial and institutional construction projects. It is the first company in South Africa to carry the SANS 266 SABS mark for all of its plasterboard, providing customers with the assurance of consistent quality.

Whether you need a high strength, durable concrete, a readymix concrete solution or a technically superior product for your next project, Lafarge South Africa has the solutions for you. Building better cities has never been easier thanks to Lafarge South Africa.

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