Innovative high-tech carpets showcased at DOMOTEX USA

by Ofentse Sefolo
Innovative high-tech carpets showcased at DOMOTEX USA

Filomaestro, Italian carpet company and the creator of the Bibielle Fiber, a continuous, high quality, high performance multifilament fiber, showcased its brand-new unique, high-tech carpets at DOMOTEX USA for the first time in February 2020. Francesca Mulongwe, customer manager of Filomaestro, discusses their unique carpets.

Innovation unlike any other
Filomaestro indoor and outdoor carpets are an absolute innovation in functional and aesthetic terms, combining original design, extreme versatility and practical use. They are made from Bibielle Fiber, a continuous, high quality, high performance, PA 6.6 multifilament fibre, specifically manufactured to produce designer carpets. This high tech bulk continuous filament has superior visual and physical-mechanical characteristics through the sophisticated patented production process used, which is based on an exclusive water-cooling process.

Top notch performance
Enrico Beccario, CEO of Filomaestro, says they guarantee highest performance due to the physical-mechanical ability of their carpets, which are highly durable, resistant and resilient, as well as extremely versatile and practical. He says each carpet is manufactured with extreme care and attention to detail at their innovative spinning plant, using the most modern and sophisticated technology.

Five times the height
According to Beccario, Filomaestro carpets are at least five times higher than the maximum dimensions currently available on the market because of their multifilament yarn produced in PA 6.6 in dimensions up to 10 000 decitex. He says that up until now, only multifilaments in PA 6.6 of no more than 1500 decitex have been offered.

“Our looms weave our carpets in warp and weft without using multi-filaments treated through the twisting process. This is a special technique involving the coupling of several yarn layers to achieve desired density for fabric flooring,” he says.

Visually captivating 3D effect
Filomaestro carpets provide a new experience with unexpected three-dimensional effects. Part of the weft can be uncovered during the weaving process, which places weft and warp on two different dimensional levels of base-relief and high relief respectively. This creates an extraordinary three-dimensional, visually dynamic end-product of exceptional beauty.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.filomaestro.com for the information contained in this article.

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