Innovative 3D Flooring

by Darren
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3D flooring has taken the industry by storm, simply because it is unique and encourages inspired designs that will intrigue everyone who views the final floorcovering.

Much has been written about 3D flooring and rightly so, because the concept in itself is intriguing, but it’s not until one actually sees examples of these floors that one can truly appreciate the development in technology that has resulted in floorcoverings that will inspire memorable and phenomenal future designs.

The following images perfectly encapsulate these sentiments. From painting ombre staircases to building a pirate-ship-inspired bedroom, there are many DIY options that will most likely never quite work, although one can still appreciate them tremendously. The latest obsession is 3D flooring but, as beautiful and unique as these floors may be, they can seem odd at the same time, simply because they are so new and something that everyone is not quite accustomed to.

A Dubai-based design company, Imperial Interiors, has taken a giant leap in designing and constructing 3D epoxy floors. According to photos on the company’s website, their specialities range from underwater scenes (including dolphins) to rose-covered rooms. They claim that these floors are created by printing out a photo on a special printer and covering it with epoxy and a protective lacquer, making it extra-easy to care for.

While this trend, be it for residential or commercial use, may be viewed as slightly extreme, there is an easier way to change the look of one’s floors – simply paint them. Try adding some shine by spicing things up with a gloss or add a bold stripe to make a statement. If one wants to avoid any painting, the space can be enlivened by adding a rug or two.
There are several ways of creating a beautiful floor without opting for the 3D route, but the very fact that this option is available, and an exciting and innovative trend, makes it a possibility to consider for future projects.

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