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by Darren
Classen introduced new Sono Jnl 4 16

Classen introduces Sono, a new flooring product with several unique properties & benefits.

In addition to the Neo 2.0 product range, which will be in available in South Africa by June 2016, Classen has also introduced an AC5 ecologically friendly waterproof flooring called Sono that is ideal for commercial and high wear areas.

This innovative, premium design flooring is available in authentic wood décors with a distinguished surface structure, high quality stone tile décors with textured surfaces and extra-long and wide planks that create the look and feel of wide timber flooring.

Sono is comprised of a unique carrier board, Ceramin, which is manufactured from natural minerals bonded with polymers resulting in a material similar to ceramic. This results in Sono’s robust and waterproof properties and its soft feel underfoot. It is also resistant to UV radiation, is stable and environmentally friendly.

Sono AC5’s wear layer makes it a commercially viable alternative flooring for areas that experience more moisture such as kitchens, bathrooms, gyms, restaurants, etc. It is 4,5mm thick and its patented Classen megaloc click system is able to tolerate variations in temperature which is so prevalent in South Africa and Africa.

All of these unique and distinct properties make Sono an exciting addition to Classen’s current product portfolio.

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