Innovation in engineered wooden and bamboo flooring

by Darren
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Zooming in on engineered wood, bamboo and laminate products that demonstrate innovation in the flooring industry.

Engineered wooden flooring continues to infiltrate the flooring industry and inspires the creation of unique products that excel beyond expectation. This is where FloorworX Suntups Super-Engineered* Wooden Flooring plays a defining role – using a solid, exotic wood top-face, with the thickness of the floor board consisting of multi-plywood.

Consequently, a FloorworX Suntups Super-Engineered floor has the same lifespan as that of a solid floor. Whether engineered or solid, both floors can be sanded only to the top of the tongue, however, due to the fact that FloorworX Suntups Super-Engineered floors have a multi-plywood base, these floors become superior to their solid counterparts, offering 70% improved stability through the climatic changes of summer and winter.

It should also be noted that FloorworX Suntups Super-Engineered flooring is tongue-and-grooved and not a click system, resulting in a floor that can be laid without being restricted by length. Furthermore, if a FloorworX Suntups Super-Engineered floor is installed using the Elastilon system, up to 25 metres in width can be laid without necessitating centre expansion joints or T-strips in the doorway thresholds. (FloorworX is the sole South African agent for the Elastilon* installation system, www.elastilon.com) All FloorworX Suntups Super-Engineered floors are guaranteed against humidity failure for up to five years, irrespective of any percentage of humidity and irrespective of who installed it.

Bamboo Flooring

FloorworX Suntups Strandwoven Bamboo is available in two colours, namely Natural (golden) and Carbonated (chocolate brown) and is extremely hardwearing. FlooworX Suntups Bamboo Floor is tongue-and-grooved and not the click locking system, so when installed using the Elastilon system, all restrictions, such as the 10 m long x 8 m wide limitation and a T-mould in every doorway of every room, are eliminated, as well as in some case pressure cupping of the floor boards out of shape during climatic changes due to the pressure put onto each board caused by the click locking mechanism.

A quick look at laminates

Three Quick-Step* product ranges are marketed by FloorworX: Quick-Step Arte, Quick-Step Lagune and Quick-Step Eligna Wide (available in eight colours). All Quick-Step laminates have 100% perfectly matching profiles in colour. The top layer of any Quick-Step laminate has an extra protective layer, making it ten times more scratch-resistant than floors without it.

Every Quick-Step floor has been subjected to a unique, permanent anti-static treatment (patented by Quick-Step) that also sees the floor attracting less dust – putting an end to annoying electrostatic discharges. Furthermore, Quick-Step’s HDF core boards are manufactured in-house. When combined with the resistant top layer, a laminate floor has the best possible protection against falling objects, heels, etc. Its light- and sun-resistant (EN438-2,16/BL REF>6) offering does not discolour when exposed to normal levels of (sun)light.

At the very heart of this unique product offering are the environment-friendly factors taken into consideration and embedded within the product itself and its manufacturing processes. Quick-Step’s PEFC certification (awarded by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) guarantees that all the wood used to manufacture its HDF core boards is sourced from sustainably managed forests. In addition, Quick-Step has also obtained the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This internationally recognised certificate indicates the environmental performance of Quick-Step laminate floors throughout their entire lifecycle.

The result is a laminate floor that’s beautiful, durable, versatile and that maintains its natural look for even longer.

*Suntups Super-Engineered; Quick-Step and Elastilon are Registered Trademarks

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