Industry floor resist corrosive chemicals

by Darren
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In the chemical processing industry floors are repeatedly exposed to contact with a broad range of corrosive chemicals.

BASF Construction Chemicals specifically tests its products to ensure that they provide long-term durability – demonstrating that the product will withstand attack from chemicals, even under permanent load in secondary containment bunds, drains and sumps, as well as floors.

The high chemical resistance of BASF’s Ucrete heavy-duty polyurethane flooring systems combined with high temperature and mechanical resistance make these products extremely durable.

Easy cleaning, even where requirements are extremely stringent, is a characteristic of these systems. They also offer excellent slip resistance properties, even under wet conditions, combining functional and safety-related properties.  

In the chemical industry Ucrete performs a number of functions, including protection of concrete and mild steel structures from aggressive chemical; containment of accidental spillages, thus protecting the environment; safe surfaces for foot and vehicular traffic; and helping to control unwanted static electricity that could affect electronic devices or cause powder/solvent explosions.

Ucrete is resistant to chemicals including concentrated organic and inorganic acids such as acetic and sulphuric acid; concentrated alkalis such as sodium hydroxide; and most solvents and alcohols.

Ucrete is also used in a wide range of wet-process environments where good slip resistance is required. The range provides a variety of surface profiles to suit individual requirements for the best compromise between slip resistance and ease of cleaning.

The unique Ucrete heavy-duty polyurethane resin systems do not start to soften until temperatures of 130°C are exceeded, unlike some resin flooring materials that soften at temperatures around 50-60°C.

In preventing, controlling or mitigating major hazard events, secondary containment is an essential measure for chemical and petro-chemical storage. Structurally sound, regularly inspected secondary containment is essential to ensure the safe storage of hazardous liquids. Ucrete meets the demands of these environments, in line with stringent environmental legislation.

Anti-static grades of Ucrete are essential when specifying secondary containment for solvent storage bunds in order to minimise the risk of explosion.

*Ucrete is a registered trademark.

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