Industry consortium moves south

by Darren
Sava industry consortium moves south Jnl 4 16

Vinyl Verified is moving to the southern hemisphere & aims to hold media accountable for their reporting on vinyl.

The Southern African Vinyl Association has welcomed news that an industry consortium known as Vinyl Verified will be expanding its influence into the southern hemisphere. According to SAVA’s CEO, Delanie Bezuidenhout, Vinyl Verified is an international association that has been formed to correct misinformation about vinyl materials in the media.

“It is made up of industry organisations primarily based in North America who are concerned with challenging negative media coverage and misinformation about vinyl materials,” she says. “The platform confronts media bias, alarmist commentary and competitive mischaracterisations about vinyl in online discourse.”

Members of Vinyl Verified include the Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association, PMC Group, PVC Pipe Association, Resilient Floor Covering Institute, The Vinyl Institute, and Vinyl Siding Institute and the Flexible Vinyl Alliance.

Australia’s Vinyl Institute announced recently that it has decided to join the international vinyl consortium in order to lend its weight to efforts aimed at exposing inaccuracies, omissions and flawed data.

“Vinyl is a remarkable, versatile, durable, and economical material, but a select number of competitive interests and agenda-driven activists have advanced disingenuous campaigns to mislead consumers, and deny them their right to make their own decisions about vinyl,” says Richard Doyle, CEO and President of the Vinyl Institute. “Vinyl Verified holds reporters accountable to their own journalism standards in how they cover vinyl, and will call out groups and others who misinform the public about this innovative material.”

Delanie said she will be meeting with Doyle in Australia in May to discuss SAVA’s plans to also become members of Vinyl Verified. SAVA is already spending much of its time and energy on building the vinyl brand in South Africa and to correct local misconceptions and misunderstandings about the safe manufacturing, use and recycling of PVC products.

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