In thin air: optimised acoustic solutions

by Darren

Optimise your conference space with Aluglass Bautech’s Variflex mobile acoustic partition systems.  

Optimising your space and offering varied conference or meeting size facilities will always give your clients that something extra.

Aluglass Bautech’s Variflex mobile acoustic partition system allows a room to be subdivided so that two or more meetings can be held adjacent to one another in complete privacy. Walls are sturdy once locked into place, and when the full-sized room is required, the elements are easily moved on an overhead track and positioned neatly to one side or into a cupboard or niche. For large conferences, the full use of the room is then available, requiring no unattractive, not to mention unsafe, floor tracks.

The top-hung partition systems allow for optimal, flexible room layouts without the need for floor tracks. Available in different suitable finishes and customised proportions that incorporate extraordinary heights (maximum just over 12 metres), the Variflex systems are easy to move and provide the customer with a wide variety of acoustic properties (40dB to 51 dB) to suit their specific needs.


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