In the name of art

by Ofentse Sefolo
In the name of art

More and more manufacturers of wallpaper, tiles and other decorative wallcoverings are collaborating with professional artists for the design of unique, and coveted, interior products.

More art, less decoration
One of these, the FEATHR design collective has made it one of its objectives to fill buildings with “more art and less decoration”. The company’s viewpoint is that good design is for everyone. Therefore, they have partnered with painters, tattoo artists, fine art photographers, well-known illustrators and many more to create inspiring, bespoke wallcovering ranges.

One of FEATHR’s latest collaborations involved renowned Finnish painter Tamara Piilola. Known for her striking narrative landscapes, created by using layers of paint and pure pigment, some of Piilola’s original artworks have now been made into a range of murals and wallpapers depicting these mysterious natural environments on a larger scale and with some colour variants.

Raindrops wall mural by Tamara Piilola for FEATHR. Courtesy of Tamara Piilola/FEATHR.com


Ornament wall mural by Tamara Piilola for FEATHR. Courtesy of Tamara Piilola/FEATHR.com


Delta (The Great Reflection) wall mural by Tamara Piilola for FEATHR. Courtesy of Tamara Piilola/FEATHR.com


Main image:
“The Most Beautiful Things Hide” wallpaper by Tamara Piilola for FEATHR.
Courtesy of Tamara Piilola/FEATHR.com

Paintings relived on tiles
The Cerâmica Portinari brand of tiles, in turn, took inspiration from the artworks by one of the most influential Brazilian painters, Candido Portinari (1903 – 1962).

The collection, called “Bailarinas de Portinari”, is based on the ballerinas often painted by him. Their shapes, forms and colours inspired the porcelain tiles’ triangular format and colour palette, and the beauty of the paintings’ brushstrokes was carried over to the pieces to give them texture and movement through organic lines.

The Bailarinas de Portinari range of tiles was inspired by one of the most influential Brazilian painters, Candido Portinari (1903 – 1962).


Ceramic installations
Not just seen on walls, ceramic artist, Pascale Girardin, has made a name in the hospitality industry around the world, known to create larger-than-life architectural installations made up of hundreds or even thousands of individually crafted pieces.

Originally trained as a painter, Girardin has broadened her practice with materials such as aluminium, cast resin, polycarbonate and wood, and has even designed dishware for high-end restaurants. Her unique artworks, which are either suspended in mid-air, gracing walls or floating in water, are inspired by the expression of pure form and subtly highlights our relationship with the world around us.

À la folie, Printemps Haussmann, Paris, France: Girardin’s art piece in the lobby of the French luxury department store sought inspiration in the floral motifs of the building’s famous cupola on the sixth floor, designed by glass artist Brière and dating back to 1923. Courtesy of Pascale Girardin

Desert Breeze, Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas: Pascale Girardin’s studio created the illusion of wildflowers set adrift on a gentle wind, evoking the austere vegetation of the Mojave Desert. Each of the nearly 500 flowers, petals and leaves, which flow gracefully across the three walls of the hotel’s grand staircase, was created by hand in delicate white bone china so that no two pieces are alike. Courtesy of Stephany Hildebrand


Massive murals
Creating huge murals out of wallpaper, tiles and glass, the Italian wallcoverings brand, Londonart, works with both international and local artists, architects, illustrators, tattoo artists and stylists to come up with inspirational, metropolitan designs. From solid colours, florid patterns, geometric rigor and silhouettes, as well as faces, satellites and icons, each art piece is designed to make a bold statement in any personalised space.

Planted walls developed by architect Juliana Medeiros. Nimbus by Arauco


Portobello’s Black Steel


Inspired by nature. 1st Floor

Acknowledgement is given to FEATHR, Pascale Girardin, Portinari and Londonart for the information and images used to compile this article.
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