Impressive timber roof structures

by Ofentse Sefolo
Impressive timber roof structures

In addition to providing a structure for the roof covering, trusses can also be an aesthetic feature, as demonstrated in these three projects.House Chaplin
This family home in Cornwall Hill Estate in Irene, Pretoria, called for a specially designed farm-style roof, complete with a sloped interior ceiling as well as a small barn-style hip roof tower to be built in the middle of the roof over a double-volume area. The sloped ceiling required some of the trusses to be scissor trusses, spanning well over 12m.

A combination of 38mm Grade 5 and Grade 7 structural timber (SA Pine), ranging from 76mm to 228mm timber depth, was specified and the roofing fabrication team completed the roof trusses for the 640m² home within just one day.

Project focus: House Majorie
House Majorie features exposed trusses of laminated pine beams, 5mm steel plates and threaded rods to keep the trusses in tension. While the steel plates and rods were included as structural components, they also contribute to the aesthetic value of the roof.

Due to the additional weight of the laminated timber and steel, the trusses were much heavier than standard roof trusses, but had to be erected without a crane and so were lifted by hand onto the walls. A steel plate was installed on the supported laminated beams so that the steel component of the trusses could be welded to the beam for roof-fixing detail.

Project focus: Reddam House International College
The four curved and two round roofs at Reddam House International College in Waterfall Estate, Midrand, required the positioning of trusses to be exact to achieve consistency in the curvature of the roofs’ radius. This specialised roof structure has a covering of shutter-ply and Rheinzink sheeting.

This multi-storey building necessitated that all materials had to be lifted to the top of the structure by means of a fixed crane, and erection of the roof had to be completed at an extreme height.

Full thanks and acknowledgment are given to LCP Roofing for the information given to write this article.

Caption Main Image: House Chaplin

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