Imported Broadlooms on your doorstep

by Tania Wannenburg
vandyck jnl5

Broadloom carpets are becoming all the rage again, according to a European report on the latest interior fashion trends. Continuing its dominance of the market, broadloom carpet continues to be the most important floorcovering in the United Kingdom, while in other Western countries broadloom carpets have been replaced by laminate. However, the tide is turning and consumers are looking towards carpet once again, particularly in Germany and Scandinavia.

This comes as little surprise to Van Dyck; after all, broadloom carpet is so versatile and can fit into every room in the home. More than ever, the floor is determining the style of your home.

Carpet can be seamlessly combined with furniture and soft furnishings in the home; it has a sensitivity that is hard to find in other floorcoverings. Available in modern colours, patterns and textures, carpet gives your interior an extra boost of style, warmth and comfort.

As far as design goes there are two clear and distinct trends for the future – pattern and pile. Consumers prefer either the ragged quality of shag-pile carpets or the luxurious look and feel of dense frisés and Saxony carpets.

These thick and high-pile carpets anticipate the ‘cocoon’ trend that has been gathering pace in recent years. People want warmth and cosiness in their homes and these soft-pile carpets fit perfectly with that desire, radiating a sense of beauty, luxury and adding a cool retro touch. As such, patterned carpets are replacing flatter-pile, plain carpets.

In keeping with these encouraging new trends in Europe, Van Dyck is proud to announce that it has added three very luxurious carpets to its already comprehensive broadloom tufted cut-pile offering.

These ranges are imported from Balta, one of the leading European manufacturers of floorcoverings, with whom Van Dyck signed a partnership a few years ago for the exclusive distribution of their products in South Africa and the surrounding countries.

The Balta Group has a wide variety of products on offer and has a gross turnover of more than 750 million Euro (± R7,8 billion) and employs more than 4 000 people worldwide.

The first range – Shaggy Exclusive – is as the name suggests a “shaggy” carpet. ‘Shaggy’ is synonymous with super-soft and comfortable wall-to-wall or ready-made carpet with super-long pile threads and with a young fresh frisé texture.

This new type of carpet is a real hit with both young and old and is available in soft neutral colours to darker natural shades or bolder warmer colours like burgundy or taupe. Nothing beats the feeling of walking barefoot on a ‘shaggy’ carpet.

The second range – Solitair – is a design out of Balta’s Vintage Wilton range, which is a woven carpet range with subtle, contemporary and upmarket patterns, brought in a range of earthy and natural-looking colours. This product will do very well with consumers that are looking for the more elegant and sophisticated look.

This product also brings a great alternative for consumers who like the quality and feel of Van Dyck’s other imported Wilton range, Design Jewel, but prefer a less shiny and more toned-down look.

The third range – Prestige Twist – is a plain dense cut-pile made from 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibres. Customers are really fond of the natural look and feel, warmth, anti-static and humidity-regulating capabilities of wool carpet.

Only a few years ago, the colouring of these broadlooms was limited to classical tones, but today the colour range of these products has increased to a wide range of colours including typical Flamant (Grey/Beige) and African colours.

There is no doubt that the addition of these three ranges revolutionises Van Dyck’s product offering and that they bring the best of the latest European trends to the South African market.

These imported ranges also perfectly complement Van Dyck’s locally manufactured cut-pile ranges such as Sorrento, Embassy, Diplomat, Michigan and Extravagance, some of which have been going strong for many years and have been kept up to date through regular re-colourings and product improvements.

All in all, Van Dyck now has nine cut-pile ranges available which give any potential buyer the best of local and overseas fashion and style at your doorstep.

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