Impassioned team inspired by company vision

by Tania Wannenburg
Impassioned team inspired by company vision


The sales team from Diamond Products have a passion for their company and are driven by its vision.

Samantha Vince, Marketing and Internal Sales Manager at Diamond Products, and Pat Cloete, Sales and Zenith Stander, Sales, are dedicated and devoted to the company, which makes for an unbeatable team of motivated and professional people.

In fact, everyone who works for the company has an incredible ability to find a suitable solution for every project in terms of what tools may be required, how the process should be executed and ensure that all expectations are exceeded in terms of turnaround and delivery times.

Diamond Products is a specialist in the manufacture of tooling for the flooring and grinding industries with 50 years of experience in the manufacture of diamond tools. The company relies heavily on its internal sales and marketing team who consist of a team of women that not only offer a friendly and efficient service, but have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the surface preparation industries. The company positions itself in the manufacturing and retail of diamond tools and machines for a multitude of customers from online purchases of hand held grinders for the small end user to triple head grinding and polishing systems for the main stream flooring and grinding contractors.

“Diamond Products places a large amount of value in training and equipping all its employees,” says Samantha. “This not only empowers them to make efficient and educated decisions but it will also instil trust from our customers that they are receiving the best advice and tooling in the market. The team is ambitious and enthusiastic in every task, sale or challenge presented to them. They are driven to see the company grow and therefore there are no hidden agendas, only a group effort to achieve success for the company.”

Pat adds that the goal is to continue expanding the company’s market share and develop long standing relationships with its clients. “We plan to keep achieving this by staying up to date with the latest trends in training and technology within the surface preparation industry,” she says.

According to Zenith, the biggest challenge the team faces is convincing a customer that the team is highly trained and able to provide more than adequate solutions and advice for any project requirements.

All are in agreement that each woman within the business is unique in their strengths and abilities but what makes the team unique is that each individual is placed within an area where those strengths are utilised. “This makes for a strong team where each individual flourishes within their given field and where each individual compliments the next,” Samantha concludes.

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