Danish studio Dorte Mandrup has designed an urban IKEA store in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark, where the retail space will feature a green rooftop park for patrons to enjoy in the middle or after their shopping trip.

This unique rooftop park will be accessible both by foot or by bicycle, and offers a natural refuge from the concrete environment of the city. This space is especially needed because Vesterbro is a densely populated and active district of the city.

The greenery has also been incorporated into the centre’s open-air interior, with plants framing the bicycle parking area.

The exterior of the building, on the other hand, boasts a noticeable wavy white facade that compliments (and challenges) the traditional classic blue and yellow of IKEA stores.

The city-centre IKEA is expected to open in 2023 in the Vesterbro neighbourhood. The studio work was focused on thoroughly answering the needs and behaviours of urban consumers.

Acknowledgement and thanks to Trendhunter for the information contained in this editorial.

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