Vinyl Coverings

Leading specialist in vinyl flooring, Polyflor South Africa, gives advice on what the impact is of flooring on acoustics and what to keep in mind when specifying a flooring system. 

 Acoustic vinyl coverings 

Acoustic vinyl floor coverings have been designed and developed to assist in improving the acoustic properties within spaces, as well as to provide the additional benefits of aesthetics, performance, hygiene and durability.  

This range of products is especially well suited to large spaces, reducing echoes and creating ambience. Available in a suite of modern colours and designs, the product is robust and delivers impact sound reduction levels of 19dB. 

 Points to consider 

  • The nature of sound: Sound is transmitted through soundwaves and may be described as sound pressure, sound energy or sound power. Noise is generally defined as unwanted sound. 
  • Impact sound: Impact sound is energy produced by the collision of solid objects transmitted through the structure of a building such as footsteps, slamming of doors or dragging of furniture. Noise levels transmitted through floors by impact sound can be reduced by acoustic planning at the outset of a project and by correctly installing an acoustic floor covering. 
  • Walking noise: Walking noise, unlike impact sound, is where the sound of a person’s footsteps when walking in a room is reverberated back into the room through the air. Although walking noise is not currently regulated by a standard, it is still an important factor to consider when trying to reduce sound levels. 
Vinyl Coverings

When acoustic performance is crucial, acoustic vinyl flooring produces an impact sound reduction level of 19dB.

Role of the acoustician 

Smooth acoustic floor coverings are designed to reduce impact sound at the source, not to reduce background or reverberation sound within a room. It is advisable from the outset of a project to seek advice from a specialist acoustician, as the subject requires considerable expertise. 

Other sources of noise to consider when planning your interior are: 

  • Traffic. 
  • Weather. 
  • Plumbing. 
  • Duct-borne noise. 
  • Noise via open windows. 

 Acoustic ceiling and wall panels, fabrics, textiles, plants and mindful space planning may also be considered in the design process to assist with reducing noise. 

Issue: The impact of flooring on acoustics and how to specify a flooring system accordingly. 

Solution: Acoustic vinyl floor coverings assist in improving the acoustic properties within spaces.  

For more information, contact Polyflor SA: 

Tel: +27 (11) 609 3500 (speak to Blythe or Wendy) 




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