Problem: Unsightly ceiling void
Many contemporary retail stores and restaurants go for the modern, industrial look with exposed ceiling voids. However, these interior roof spaces can look messy as the exposed services, pipes and wires differ in colour, size and shape if not finished off neatly.

Solution: Spray-paint it
Whether finishing a new build or looking to update an existing interior, spray-painting is a quick, cost-effective way to obtain a uniform finish, even on irregular surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.

Ceilspray has developed a revolutionary high-pressure airless spray-painting system that applies a coating to any ceiling surface or void ceiling area in both retail and commercial environments. The company can spray any building material, including sisalation, in any colour.

“If the space is already occupied, we do the spraying after hours in order not to interrupt retail operations,” Ceilspray’s Nico van der Merwe points out. “To further minimise disruption, we cover all merchandise, furniture, computers, wall and floor coverings before spraying so that absolutely nothing needs to be moved out of the space.

“In fact, we can do between 500m² and 600m² in one evening and have the space ready for operations to continue in the morning. The result is zero downtime and no mess,” Van der Merwe states.

Parking garages
Ceilspray also applies its innovative system to spray concrete slabs, such as those found in parking garages, a solution that can brighten up these spaces and provide a neat finish.

“Spraying concrete ceilings and voids significantly cuts down painting time, which is especially beneficial on projects with tight project timelines,” Van der Merwe adds.

A solid track record
Having specialised in the cleaning and spraying of ceilings and roofs since 2001, Ceilspray is an industry expert. “If you can think of a problem, we already have the answer,” says Van der Merwe.

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Caption main image:
Ceilspray has sprayed the ceiling void at the Jet Store in the Menlyn Shopping Centre.