How to select the best material for office floors

by Ofentse Sefolo
How to select the best material for office floors

Deciding on the best type of flooring for a modern office space can be difficult as there are several popular commercial flooring options to consider and various factors that could make one option better than another, but most importantly, the choice should balance functionality with aesthetics.

When planning an office, whether for the first time, during renovations, or even when making modifications, selecting the right flooring can be challenging if careful consideration is not given to each aspect before deciding on the final flooring material. Importantly, also consider the initial shortcomings of the previous materials before committing to a new floor.

Acoustics, health & safety and creating the right atmosphere all impact the choice of flooring. However, we suggest that planning starts with each area. Scope its function and then consider the material/s that best meets the needs for the particular space, including each material’s advantages and disadvantages and, of course, the budget.

1. Area – What type of areas will form part of the office design?
2. Function – What needs to be considered in terms of the environment, activity, traffic, maintenance and special needs?
3. Materials and design – What flooring options will work best given the above considerations and the budget?

Flooring options are endless

In terms of long-term trends, designers and specifiers are looking for solution that deliver on material health, disassembly, circularity and value to help create interior workspaces that both inspire and embrace sustainability and wellbeing.

Colour schemes post Covid-19, which create a more restorative atmosphere such as pale and dusty pastel tones vs. bright, welcoming colours have also been noted. Important consideration should be given to the social distancing and occupational health and safety requirements for office environments, which also includes the flooring.

No matter the type of business, material options for office flooring are virtually limitless. With budget and design in mind, our flooring guide should assist you in selecting the best flooring for your office.

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