How to refurbish old ceilings in 1 day

by Zuerita
How to refurbish old ceilings in 1 day

The problem: Ugly old ceilings
When ceilings or acoustic suspended ceilings become old and stained, often the first thought is to replace them.
However, as Nico van der Merwe from Ceilspray points out, replacing ceilings can be a costly affair, not just in terms of new materials, but also taking into account the turnover or productivity lost when trading or operations are interrupted. “To replace 1 000m² of suspended ceilings can easily take up to ten days,” he explains.

The solution: Refurbish
Ceilspray has developed a revolutionary high-pressure, airless spray-painting system that applies a specially formulated acoustic coating to T-strips and acoustic or vinyl ceiling tiles. In the business since 2001, the company is prepared to deal with any and all kinds of challenges that might arise.

“We normally spray ceilings after hours so as not to interrupt a business’s operations, and nothing needs to be moved out of the space since we cover all merchandise, furniture, computers, wall and floor coverings before spraying.

“In fact, we can do between 500m² and 600m² in one evening and have the space ready for operations to continue in the morning,” Van der Merwe states. “Not only is it the greener way to go, but it is by far the most economical solution.”

But won’t the boards stick to T-strips after being sprayed?
“That’s the beauty of the method,” enthuses Van der Merwe. “Even though our white coating has been designed with this issue in mind, we find that even when using other paint specifications in other colours, the boards don’t stick, unlike when painting with rollers.”

So what will it cost?
The application cost is about one third of the cost of replacing the ceiling, depending on the size and type of boards.

To find out more, contact Ceilspray.

Tel: 086 010 4544
Website: http://ceilspray.co.za

Captions Main Image: (After) As good as new.

(Before) Old and dirty ceilings.



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