How to make large format slab installations easy

by Ofentse Sefolo
How to make large format slab installations easy

Before tooling companies such as Mactool provided easy-to-use and affordable equipment for large format tile installations, the process of getting the desirable giant slabs onto surfaces and substrates was onerous. Massimo Vassarotti, Managing Director at MAXFINE South Africa, says the latest equipment from Mactool has changed the installation processes for the better.

“When we first started importing large format slabs 6 years ago, the type of tooling available on the market today didn’t exist. Installers had to make do with big, expensive equipment that was designed to cut 20mm tiles instead of the large, thin tiles that has become the new standard today with designers,” says Massimo.

Massimo says the fact that the cutters are handheld makes a world of difference to installation teams. “These handheld tools can be taken to site so that everything from the cutting to the final installation happens quickly, efficiently and to the highest standard,” adds Massimo.

Paul van der Spuy, Technical Manager at Neolith South Africa, says that besides the process of large format tile installation being simplified, it is also much less messy.

“Before large format slabs became popular, a 600mm x 600mm tile was considered big. Today, we’re often installing 3.2m x 1.5m. Thanks to quality tooling, these jobs can now be done without creating a mess – which was the status quo in the past. Not only are contractors benefitting from better tooling, clients are benefiting from lightweight, modern tiles that meet their aesthetic needs and offer lower maintenance,” concludes Paul.

For more information, contact Mactool on +27 (11) 823 1077 or via www.mactool.co.za.

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