How to get a flawless mosaic fix

by Ofentse Sefolo
How to get a flawless mosaic fix

Mosaics are very different to normal tiles as they generate more movement and therefore need a quick-setting, high-tensile-strength adhesive which has the ability to absorb the additional movement of the sheets.
It is with this in mind that Douglas Jones has developed the Douglas Jones Mosaic Fix, a premium product designed to provide a perfect installation and ultimate peace of mind. With its low dust formulation, the mosaic fix is easy to mix, easy to apply and fast setting (only six hours), which makes for a quick installation, saving time and money. It is available in white, dove grey and dark grey.

Trend watcher
Together with its technical expertise, Douglas Jones keeps abreast of trends and ever-changing needs in the building industry. In fact, the company was established in 1999 with a clear mission of servicing what appeared to be a need in the ceramic tile business for more mosaic, décor and tile accent products.

Since inception, Douglas Jones has focussed on finding unique, fashionable and inspiring mosaic and decorative tiles, and imports products from all over the world that mirror the taste of international interior design studios and architectural firms alike.

Adding local creativity, Douglas Jones’ unique South African creative assembly department designs and creates bespoke patterns, fades and mixes according to clients’ preferences, allowing imagination to be the only limitation.

For more information on products and designs, as well as the Douglas Jones Mosaic Fix, contact Douglas Jones.

Douglas Jones
Tel: 021 706 7251
Website: www.douglasjones.co.za

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