How to create dramatic floating ceiling effects

by Tania Wannenburg
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Pure sophistication is provided by the Jumbo Shadowline Profile range from Pelican Systems, which allows the creation and impression of a floating ceiling with dramatic shadow effects, providing the perfect finishing touch in ultra-modern décor.
The creative use of special trim profiles can create a great sensation of height and space, transforming any room from average to stylish contemporary. Floating ceilings are perfect to enhance the design features in retail, commercial and residential spaces, and they are ideal for refurbishment and retro-fit projects to cost-effectively modernise a building.

Using Pelican’s Shadowline Profile range enables the creation of dramatic streamlined effects in a ceiling, with no risk of cracks or uneven gaps at the junction of the wall and the ceiling.

The clean geometric lines and recessed shadows accentuate a feeling of spacious upmarket style, and the clever use and positioning of lighting will further enhance the dramatic effects that are possible.  

Pelican Systems stocks all the components needed to create a perfect floating ceiling. The Jumbo Plasterboard range is made from pure gypsum, which makes it environmentally-friendly and recyclable. It is lighter in weight than most other plasterboards, but with all the required inherent strength and flexibility, Jumbo Plasterboards feature a narrower taper which reduces the area required for jointing – saving contractors time on site and ensuring cost-effectiveness.  

To achieve floating ceilings and innovative bulkhead designs for commercial ceilings and upmarket residential ceilings, Pelican recommends using the 9mm Jumbo Plasterboard, Jumbo Angles and Jumbo Shadowline Plaster Trims.
The Jumbo Shadowline Plaster Trims currently available from Pelican Systems include:

  • PS2 PLASTER TRIM 25 x 20 White 4,0m, which creates a 25mm shadow off the wall with a 20mm ceiling drop.
  • PS3 PLASTER TRIM 45 x 20 White 4,0m, which creates a 45mm shadow off the wall with a 20mm ceiling drop.
  • PS4 PLASTER TRIM 45 x 45 White 4,0m, which creates a 45mm shadow off the wall with a 45mm ceiling drop.

All profiles are stocked in 4,0m lengths and are pre-drilled at the correct centres to improve efficiency on site and maintain quality and reliability.
Look out for Plaster Junction, Plaster Curve and Apex Trim Profiles to further enhance ceiling options and allow an even more creatively demanding installation.

Clients using Jumbo Shadowline Plaster include Umhlanga Sands, Zimbali Coastal Golf Estate, Zimbithi Estate, Ellerines, Mayfair Office Block and many more.

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