The value of a great outdoor space cannot be overstatedRegardless of whether the area is used to host a braai or simply to soak up some sun on a lazy Sunday, by taking as much pride in outdoor spaces as with the interior does not only add aesthetic value, it also plays a major role in increasing the value of your property.

What is outdoor flooring?

Outdoor flooring refers to materials used in areas such as a patio, pavement, pathway and any artificial surface that one would walk or stand on outside a building. Here is a quick look at some of the main areas that can be enhanced using creative outdoor flooring materials and ideas.

Breathe new life into spaces with outdoor flooring

Everest patio slab
  1. Patios and alfresco areas
    There are many great choices of exterior tiles for the patio space regardless of the patio’s design. Create a contemporary look with large-scale pavers, or pavers installed in combination with grass, to deliver a totally fresh and modern flooring solution. They can also be used to create great-looking walkways to connect the patio to other paths or spaces around the building.
    Pavers are weather resistant, easy to maintain and are available in a range of colours and styles ideally suited for use in outdoor spaces.
  2. Porches and verandas
    Verandas add much value to the outdoor appeal of any home, so if you wish to add a touch of rustic charm, there are few options better than wood floors. The latest trends have seen a rise in the popularity of wood replica or wood lookalike pavers, which offer the same aesthetic value as wood floors but with the added benefit of being able to withstand typical outdoor elements.
    In addition, stained concrete is another great option for achieving an affordable yet very modern look.
  3. Pool areas
    The most important aspect of poolside flooring is that it must be slip resistant. Rubber flooring is one of the best types of outdoor flooring for the poolside as it provides a slip-resistant, weather-resistant and shock absorbent surface that is ideal for ensuring safety around the pool.

Great news is that rubber flooring is now available in a range of interesting patterns, which replicate the look of brick or stone, making it a great choice for the pool area.

Can’t decide?

There are so many types of outdoor flooring available, so it’s important to ask for advice from the pros. Take time to explore all the options of outdoor flooring to see which would be best for your space, not only in terms of functionality of use, but also which option could enhance and improve the overall look, value and useability.

Our acknowledgement and thanks to Floor Inc for use of some of the material contained in this feature.

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