When it comes to roofing an investment property, whether it is a business or a school, a home or a hospital, the common Afrikaans expression “Goedkoop koop is duur koop”, literally translating to “Buying cheaply is expensive”, couldn’t ring truer.
In fact, a return on investment can be realised by buying the right product and good-quality materials that will ensure zero future repair and replacement expenses. Good roofing also has additional positive spinoffs on an investment property, including an increase in value, low maintenance and freedom from replacement costs, and energy-efficiency benefits.

Increased value
A properly installed, quality roof can add significant value to both residential and business properties’ value. In the case of residential property especially, the homeowner’s purchasing decision is based on the aesthetics and maintenance costs of the roof.

Recent unpredictable weather patterns around Southern Africa such as gale force winds, severe hail, drought and other extreme phenomena, have contributed to the growing popularity of metal roofing, particularly for residential application. Metal roofing further serves as a feature to attract willing buyers when deciding to sell.

Although the corrugated and IBR profiles are timeless, modern metal roofing can be roll-formed to have a concealed fix look or even to take on a tile aesthetic. In the case of Versatile®, only available from Safintra, it is rolled in continuous lengths for applications where the tile-look is desired, with the weight and durability benefits of metal.

Low maintenance and freedom from replacement costs
A roof is one of the most costly property repairs or replacements on a building, and it is estimated that the costs double every 12-15 years. When considering the increasing costs of skilled labour, the numbers climb even further. To add to a building’s long-term value, the roof not only needs to be durable and long-lasting, but also to maintain its aesthetic.

The functional life of a metal roof depends on the material, type of profile, quality of fasteners, flashings and more, while the aesthetic life is defined by the weathering a roof needs to withstand until it appears old.

Metal roofing ensures minimal maintenance and offers an array of colour options that weather particularly well, thanks to the sophisticated aluminium-zinc coating and technically superior paint systems.

Energy efficiency
Reflectivity is another important part of how metal roofs outperform other roofing materials. Innovative pigments used in the ColorPlus® paint have been carefully selected to avoid rapid colour change and retain a fresh appearance. The technology used for this coating system also limits chalking, resulting in beautiful roofs for many years.

Metal roofing and energy and water efficiency also go hand in hand. A few ways to enhance energy efficiency include the fitment of accessories such as solar panels and water harvesting mechanisms, and ensuring insulation installed is compliant with SANS 10400.

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Caption Main Image: A properly installed, quality roof can add significant value to industrial or commercial properties’ value.