How release agents beautify cement

by Ofentse Sefolo
How release agents beautify cement

With an increase in clients being more particular about the aesthetics of concrete finishes, choosing the correct release agent is more critical to project success than ever before. CHRYSO DEM release agents by CHRYSO Southern Africa, a manufacturer of admixtures and cement additives, are ideal to protect and extend the life of your form-face, so clients can save money over the long term.

Ensuring full aesthetic potential is reached
The CHRYSO DEM range is easy to use for any application in any condition, providing greater coverage and high-quality consistency, without modifying cement hydration, and is water repellent. Different form-face materials have varying longevity due to texture characteristics and absorbency; and release agents ensure that the full aesthetic potential of the form-face is achieved.

This brings flexibility to the market, which previously had a one-size-fits-all approach when it came to release agents. Each release agent contributes differently to a finish, so cleaning the surface adequately and applying the right release agent, using the correct formwork, will reduce imperfections and surface defects such as blow holes, staining and colour deviation.

Plant for the production of bricks from clay. Different form-face materials have varying longevity due to texture characteristics and absorbency.

Products achieving the desired texture and colour finish
• CHRYSO DEM Bio 10: A vegetable-based, bio-degradable, non-toxic release agent for metal, wood, plastic, polystyrene and fibreglass formworks. It is safe in confined spaces, e.g. mining, tunnels and poorly ventilated areas.
• Elio VP: A hydrocarbon oil-based release agent for concrete pipes with roller-compacted pipe technology. It reduces surface defects and creates less surface tension against the sides of pipe steel moulds – therefore, less outer concrete surface damage when demoulding.
• CHRYSO DEM Oleo WB: A wax-based, delayed-release agent for wooden formwork and wooden pallets for cement-based brick manufacturing. It protects veneer-laminated shutter boards, which is decreasing the frequency of re-lamination.
• CHRYSO DEM Oleo FW: A hydrocarbon-based release agent for all formwork. It extends the life of metallic formwork from corrosion. It is perfect for white cement finishes.
• CHRYSO DEM Oleo SM: A hydrocarbon oil-based release agent for metallic or wooden formworks for wet precast. It handles high temperatures of steam, which is curing and prevents rust.
• CHRYSO Dem Oleo RT: A hydrocarbon oil-based release agent for aluminium roof tile pallets. It reduces errors where the mixing of components is needed.

For more detail on what is the perfect fit for your project, contact Chryso at the details below.

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