Houzz.co.uk identifies some of the trends in domestic flooring that has resulted in growth in the domestic market.

The home renovation and design platform, Houzz.co.uk, has reported positive growth indicators for the domestic floor industry. Here, Editor of Houzz.co.uk, Victoria Harrison, highlights some of the trends in domestic floor choices and materials in UK renovations.

Research among homeowners on Houzz has shown a real desire in people wanting to update their flooring as part of their overall renovation plans. In particular, we have seen that flooring is a top priority when it comes to kitchen upgrades. The majority of those updating their kitchens prioritise flooring, with 88% planning to renew as part of their project. One reason for this could be the changing face of the kitchen.

Today’s ‘super kitchen’ is much more than a place for cooking and household chores; it’s a living room, family room and dining room, and as such we’re seeing more innovative finishes, layouts and décor options that challenge us to define where the kitchen ends and the rest of the home begins.

As the hub of the home, nearly two-thirds of homeowners spend more than three hours a day in their kitchens (60%), with as many as 32% using the space to work in. Lines are blurring between functional and living areas in the home with over half (54%) of UK homeowners making their kitchens more open to other living spaces. In fact, over a third (35%) of kitchens end up completely open to other interior spaces post-renovation, while nearly half (49%) of updated kitchens end up open to the outdoors following upgrades.

Flooring is one of the most important aspects to think about when you’re renovating a room and can radically change the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Given the multiple uses of today’s kitchen, people need to opt for a material that is both practical, while also helping to create the right atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular choice in UK kitchens today, with a third of renovators opting to purchase these over other materials. For example, we are seeing ‘wood-effect’ tiles getting mentioned in the Houzz community.

As well as ceramic and porcelain tiles, stone tiles are also popular in kitchen renovations, with 15% of UK homeowners opting for stone. Houzzers have commended the tile for its ability to work well with underfloor heating, while still looking beautiful. It’s also a great choice for those wanting to continue their living space into the garden, as limestone can be used outside as well as inside the home.

Outside the kitchen, the living room is also a focus for floor updates. While carpets are still relatively popular in UK living rooms, wooden floors are what the majority select. 43% of Brits decorating or renovating their living rooms prefer wooden floors and 26% opt for carpets. More modern materials, such as concrete, are also discussed in the community, but in reality, only 2% currently choose to use it when they update their living rooms.

Generally speaking, as UK homes become more open and versatile in the use of space, flooring that can adapt and be used anywhere is king.

Acknowledgment and thanks go to www.houzz.co.uk/pro for the information contained in this article.