Homebuilding accelerated with 3D printing and automation

by Ofentse Sefolo
Homebuilding accelerated with 3D printing and automation

With a total funding of $30m to date, Mighty Buildings, the provider of automated solutions for modern house building, is reimagining the building process from factory to foundation.

Entrepreneurs, inventors and technologists have launched the construction technology company that uses 3D printing and robotic automation to build beautiful, affordable and sustainable homes, using a combination of 3D printing and prefab techniques.

By using state-of-the-art automation and innovative new technologies, Mighty Buildings can produce 3D-printed structures twice as fast, with 95% fewer labour hours and ten times less waste than conventional construction.

Automation of the building process
“Because we are building houses for people to live in, we’ve been very deliberate in carrying out our vision to make housing better. This isn’t software that can be debugged on the fly,” said Slava Solonitsyn, Mighty Buildings’ chief executive officer and co-founder. “We’re now ready to scale our production with full confidence in our certifications and code compliance for both our material and technology.”

The company has created a production-as-a-service platform that will automate the building process by up to 80%. Its unique approach is project, design and agnostic, and can create different floor plans with complex components and panels or full-size volumetric modules.

While the average traditional house in California costs $327 per square feet, Mighty Buildings’ houses cost up to 45% less than comparable houses. Its automated production costs are 20% to 30% lower than traditional prefab methods.

Duo B in Oakland

Prefabricated housing
Mighty Buildings also unveiled prefabricated Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), kits that are available directly to consumers. The first two accessory dwelling units in San Ramon and San Diego are installed; two of 15 ADU projects are currently under contract; and they announced a pop-up installation in Los Angeles, California, in late August 2020.

The use of 3D printing for more of the building structure means that it can be built considerably faster, with less waste. The company says a 33m² studio unit can be printed in less than 24 hours.

“With a strong foundation in robotics, manufacturing and sustainability, the Mighty Buildings founding team knows the different facets of the issues that modern housing faces,” said Eric Migicovsky, partner at Y Combinator. “Accessory dwelling units are just the start in further building out their unique approach to building.”

Mighty Buildings works with compliance and regulatory agencies to develop future-forward materials that are tested to the most rigorous standards, with nearly zero-waste production methods. Mighty Buildings’ projects range from pre-designed ADUs for homeowners to residential developments with custom floor plans for the nation’s largest homebuilders. Mighty Buildings is committed to making beautiful, affordable and sustainable houses a reality for more people.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to World Architecture News for the use of the information.

For more information, visit www.mightybuildings.com.

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