Historical brand transformation to suit the international market

by Madelein
Historical brand transformation to suit the international market

The MONN brand is a family oriented acronym that is derived from the names of Pieter Nouwens’ sons: Marcus, Oscar and Nicholas Nouwens. The family has been making carpets for five generations in Holland and South Africa and, as Nicholas Nouwens says, “carpeting is in their blood”. The MONN brand encapsulates the skills, talents, experience and sterling reputation passed on from one generation to the next. Nicholas gives FLOORS in Africa magazine some insight into the major transformation at the company as well as what he predicts for the future of the carpeting industry:

Breaking away from traditional carpets
MONN has never been in the business of doing just traditional carpets. We pride ourselves in developing innovative products and custom design solutions that break the mould of what you expect from a floor. While we use traditional techniques of weaving in products such as Wilton and Axminster, we use state-of-the-art technology to design and manufacture contemporary products.  We can design right down to each tuft in the carpet and we dye our yarn from scratch, only dyeing what is required, which makes the process as eco-efficient as possible.

World class marketing to start competing globally
In 2015, we felt the need to streamline our marketing approach and prepare the MONN brand for the international market. The team at Platform Creative Agency developed a world class marketing strategy for MONN that is enabling us to compete globally. To mark this occasion, Platform Creative Agency and Susan Aukema designed a Malachite carpet which was showcased at the 100% Design South Africa exhibition to much acclaim. The carpet embodies the creative possibility that the custom design and weaving process allows, representing everything you can expect from a MONN Carpet, namely contemporary design combined with quality and craftsmanship. It took 15 500 bobbins for the weaving process and has 16 colours – quite a challenge – but the effort really paid off and it looks spectacular.

MONN’s success lies in the essential qualities that make all the difference: the integrity of raw materials, the refinement of construction and manufacturing in a world class facility. As the floor offers potentially the highest degree of daily contact people experience, it is certainly worth providing something enjoyable and accommodating to step on.

How the carpet industry continues to change
Carpet solutions have become more design driven with clients engaging in a collaborative design process and exploring different creative possibilities. Designers and architects are increasingly using the design capabilities of carpet to create organic interiors that are both functional and fashionable. The flooring market is demanding comparatively more dynamic, sophisticated and engaging floor spaces.

Carpets are becoming key design points in architecture and interior design. We work with a range of architects and interior designers to develop unique designs and ranges for hotels, restaurants, casinos and high-end homes. The joy of custom-made is that you can create something unique and design it around an architectural space. Professionals are returning to the luxury of carpets because it is like art on the floor. We can create increasingly captivating floor spaces, so it’s a very exciting time to be in the carpeting industry and we look forward to what the future of product design and development will hold for MONN.

For more information, contact MONN on +27 (11) 704 7379 or via www.monn.co.za.

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